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Great Travel Destinations For Summer 2022

kyle kerr

Kyle Kerr is a big traveler who loves checking out new destinations as often as possible. To his thinking, there’s no time like the summer to experience new and exciting vistas and spots that you’ve never been to before in your life. He recently discussed some amazing summer trip options that you may consider if you’re looking for something different to do on your break.

Kyle Kerr’s Favorite Summer Vacation Destinations

Many of the destinations picked by Kyle Kerr are in the United States and are well worth visiting if you’ve never tried them before. However, there are also options around the world that may surprise you. For example, he strongly suggests taking the time to explore the Maldives, an island nation that provides an almost unlimited number of exciting places to visit and check out with your family.

Those who don’t know about this nation may not know that it is made up over a thousand tiny islands with unique places to visit. It offers summer hotel destinations, as well as scuba diving, swimming, exploration, and much more. If you want a unique tropical experience and feel comfortable traveling from many small islands via boat or plane, Maldives is an amazing option for you.

Kyle Kerr

Another great option that Kyle Kerr strongly suggests is the French Riviera. While this spot is a bit different than the Maldives, it still offers amazing beach destinations throughout multiple hotels and destinations. You can go swimming, explore quaint towns, make new friends, try fantastic new meals, and experience the Riviera as it is meant to be experienced: slowly and with plenty of time to explore.

If you don’t want to leave the United States or simply don’t have the kind of money to cover those expenses, there are still plenty of great options to consider. For example, California is one of the most popular summer destinations for a reason. There are plenty of beautiful beaches to explore, fantastic weather, beautiful sunsets, unique food options, and a surprising range of different activities.

For example, there are multiple ranches that you can visit and ride horses and live a wild west lifestyle for a brief period. There are also golf courses you may experience, health spas where you can relax, and other places that real estate pro Kyle Kerr strongly suggests visiting. The Pacific Coast Highway is a particularly prominent destination because it helps you travel throughout this region with relative ease.

While you’re in California, you can also travel up to Washington, Montana, and other nearby states to experience some beautiful outdoor adventures. For example, the Rocky Mountains include multiple parks to explore and experiences you may enjoy. These include places like Glacier National Park and Yellowstone, two destinations that are like nothing else in this world. Thousands of miles of hiking and exploration trails are available throughout this region.

Written by Kyle Kerr.
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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - Great Travel Destinations For Summer 2022
Kyle Kerr
Kyle Kerr is an entrepreneur and licensed Realtor based in Victoria, British Columbia. Kerr has been helping homebuyers and homesellers across realize their real estate objectives for more than 12 years. Kerr combines extensive real estate expertise with in-depth knowledge of local real estate opportunities, marketing, and trends to deliver results each buyer and seller deserves.

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