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Ten social impact entrepreneurs on our radar for 2021

Nowadays, more and more people interfere with the business sector trying at the same time to create a social impact through their activities. The entrepreneurs below show as the way to social entrepreneurship with their unique ideas.

  1. Ruben Harris – Career Karma: He is the CEO and Co-Founder at Career Karma. It all begun in 2014 when Ruben and the other two members of the executive team, Timur Meyster and Artur Meyster moved to Silicon Valley to break into tech. In 2016 they launched “Breaking Into Startups” podcast to feature stories of people from non-traditional backgrounds and in 2018 was launched Career Karma mobile application. The community of Career Karma grew to 150.000 members in 2020. Career Karma offers free coaching and advice to people of different backgrounds and professions in order to better organize their careers.
  2. Robert Luo – Mi Terro: Robert Luo is the founder of Mi Terro. Its mission is to help protect the environment through the reduction of food waste. As far as food waste is concerned Robert Luo believes that “nothing is ever waste, but rather an opportunity”. Mi Terro turns spoiled milk into fibers for clothing. Consumers who are interested can shop online T-shirts, boxers and more through the website of Mi Terro. Mi Terro won second place in December 2020 at Global Agricultural Challenge launched by FAO, Zhejiang University and Pinduoduo.
  3. Tiila Abbitt – Aether Beauty: Aether Beauty was founded in 2018. Tiila Abbitt has a BFA in sculpture and an MFA in fashion design. She worked in the fashion industry for over 5 years before transitioning to beauty. Tilla Abbitt substitutes chemical ingredients with cleaner alternatives in order to formulate color cosmetics. She is passionate about organic products and she has also been a vegetarian for over 24 years. Her cosmetics include make – up products for face, eyes and lips.
  4. Bonnie Gringer – Sharethelovely: Sharethelovely helps women to live a full authentically wedding experience with a mindful approach to make great decisions that have a positive longstanding effect. Sharethelovely provides the wedding industry and consumers a range of sustainable products and services helping couples create the wedding of their dreams at a fraction of the cost and supporting local businesses nationwide online and offline for positive local, environmental and social impact. At consumers will find a wide range of wedding dresses, accessories and decorating ideas. Consumers can either buy or sell items through the website. The whole business concept belongs to Bonnie Gringer who is a supporter of the protection of the environment.
  5. Topaz Smith – EN-Noble: EN-Noble is a tech company focused on travel, equity, and authentic cultural immersions. Its vision is to improve global peacefulness and sustainable socioeconomics in culturally rich communities. Topaz Smith is the founder and CEO. EN-Noble provides advice to travelers for different destinations around the world supporting the sustainable tourism but at the same time offering unique experiences.
  6. Quinn Fitzgerald & Sara Dickhaus de Zarraga – Flare:  These two women are Harvard Business School graduates and have both experienced sexual assault. They founded Flare in 2016. Flare creates bracelets for women carrying a specific technology. Once a woman buys the bracelet she has to download the Flare app and easily pair her bracelet via Bluetooth. Then she must sync the contacts in her phone with the Flare app so she can choose who will get her GPS location and a message when she needs backup. In other words this bracelet can save a woman’s life.
  7. Brendan Brazier & Mark McTavish – Pulp Culture: Pulp Culture is a cold pressed juice, wild fermented that is blended with adaptogenic teas, herbal infusions and super mushrooms. The last part of the production procedure includes the carbonation. The fully blended hard pressed juice is given a little fizz and sparkle to help excite the palate. The result is a zero-additive, zero-sugar, bone-dry beverage with 6 billion naturally-occurring probiotics, B vitamins, and 4.9% ABV. You can find it in different flavors. Brendan Brazier and Mark McTavish are both fitness-minded foodies.
  8. Dinesh Tadpalli – incrEDIBLE: IncrEdible show us the way to preserve nature by switching from plastic and eating our spoon. Through customers can buy edible spoons in all flavors and shapes. For example you can find from oregano chili flavored spoons to chocolate flavored spoons. Chief Decision Maker and Co-founder, Dinesh Tadpalli shares with his partners the passion for sustainability trying to surmount the plastic problem that has been ignored for too long.
  9. Alexandre Koiransky – FAIR: Alexandre Koiransky created a spirit brand trying to ensure that farmers and workers who cultivate the crops will be paid a fair price. The growth of sustainable business eco-systems in places like Bolivia, Uzbekistan, Malawi, Paraguay, Belize and Salvador is the point of focus. Another goal for FAIR is to stop using plastic at all by the end of 2022.
  10. Shireen Jaffer – Edvo: Edvo is a start-up that provides people with the right tools in order to think better and live better. The whole idea has to do with a personal learning system that is accompanied with a webapp helping people to review notes, explore their thinking, and develop well-informed perspectives on anything they care about. At visitors are informed that “with Edvo, you become your best teacher. You decide what’s worth learning. You control how you think. You determine what you’re capable of”. Don’t you think that’s worth a try?
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