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World’s Most Dangerous Railway Stations

As per a general thought, train journeys are considered to be the safest, convenient, and most comfortable means of transportation. Ironically, these can turn out to be one of the most dangerous journeys of your life. There are various dangerous railway stations either due to risky location or challenging construction. The journeys are quite thrilling yet risky! So, let’s have a look at the world’s most dangerous railway stations.

  1. Chennai- Rameswaram Route, India
    The main highlight of this route is the 2,065 meters long bridge which is located above the water. When looking out of the window, gives us a surreal view and a feel of being encircled by water from all the sides. Though it is stood with the help of 145 long and concrete pillars in the ocean, it gets flooded by the water. It also faces frequent cyclones that endanger the trains’ crossing, slashing their speeds to as low as 4 meters per second.
  2. Nose of the Devil, Ecuador
    The danger lying within is well described in the name itself. There are various ‘devilish’ reasons behind its naming, whether you talk of the conditions during its construction or the actual layout of the track. There are precipitous cliffs that kiss the sky and drop downwards drastically, hairpin turns, and extensively sharp inclines that add thrill and risk to the journey. The 12 km long track is notably one of the most dangerous railway tracks in the world. The construction of the whole track leads to the deaths of around 2,000 people for various reasons (disease, climate, labor, etc.).
  3. Georgetown Loop Railroad, Colorado
    The construction of the Georgetown Loop Railroad is unique and spectacle of its time that makes it Colorado’s one of the main attractions. Running for a distance of 4.5 miles between Georgetown and Silver Plume, the train mounts at a height of 640 feet and passes through a rocky and mountainous terrain that also includes the Devil’s Gate High Bridge (100 feet high). The actual ‘danger’ lies in crossing this bridge when heavy winds blow that leads to slowing down the train’s speed in order to not lose the balance.
  4. Train to the Clouds, Argentina
    This legendary train is lately recognized as a sight of international significance. The 217-km long railway track features 29 intimidating bridges, 21 tunnels, and infinite ups and downs. These vertical zigzags and spirals add thrill to the whole journey and make it extremely popular among tourists. This railway track passes through ‘n’ numbers of mountain ranges and cavernous canyons. This thrill, undoubtedly, makes some parts of this journey unsafe to travel.
  5. Death Railway, Thailand
    A journey from this station leaves you with tranquil and picturesque spots, flowing rice paddy fields, lush green forests, and a river passing by. Now, you must be wondering, what’s ‘deadly’ in this! Originally, it was named the Thailand-Burma Railway but more than one hundred thousand laborers died during its construction that took 16 months. Kanchanaburi War Memorial Cemetery and The Death Railway Museum and Research Center would be the next on the list. That would lead you to the historic times, so if you are someone who is not interested in history may get bored but the view may leave you mesmerized.
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