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6 Minimalist Fashion Tips for Everyone to Try Out

Lately, there has been an increasing demand for minimalist fashion. I am not surprised considering fashion had become quite over-the-top for quite some time, and we might have started feeling stuffy. There was a time when the more you added to your style the more you were acknowledged. However, people have realised that they can look as sophisticated and stylish in minimalist fashion as they would otherwise look in maximalist fashion. In fact, now, many brands are showcasing minimalist collections.

But, minimalist fashion is more than just keeping it to the minimum. There is meaning in the said fashion, and therefore, you should read up first before you decide to go for it. Get some idea from this article, for instance, and you will be good-to-go. What will you find here? Well, here you will come across 6 tips on how to go minimal with fashion.

  1. Going Monochromatic
    There was a point of time when I used to find monochromatic colours boring; not my fault, really, the worldly fashion for a long time had endorsed flashiness anyway. So, back to the point, you should switch to singular colour clothes and accessories. You can add layers, but the catch is that every single piece of cloth your wear should be about just one colour. A white shirt, perfect! Top it with a brown jacket, perfect! Don’t mix all the colours in a piece of clothing.
  2. Easy on the eyes
    Usually, minimalist fashion encourages simple, light coloured choices. This does not mean that you should totally disband dark shades altogether. If you choose a dark shade, for example, make sure that the quality of the fabric is smooth. Rough texture gives off an unruly appearance even to the most beautifully designed clothes.
  3. Avoid excessive accessorizing
    There is no harm in adding a few accessories to go with your simple yet smart choice of fashion. However, as the word suggests, keep it minimum. The first thing to take note of, do not pick heavy, flashy accessories that take too much space on your body and attract too much attention. The second thing to take note of, keep your accessories to very few in number. The more you add to your look, the less minimalist it will look. The idea is to keep it simple, and you can’t do it with too many accessories dangling on your body.
  4. Layering for winters
    There is one exception when you are allowed to add extras on your body—and for very genuine reasons, anyway. Winters are the time when you cannot afford to show too much skin unless you want to catch a cold. Minimalist does not ask you to do away with layers. It asks you to keep them reserved for the right weather. When the winters hit, top your outfits with simple, monochromatic layers. For example, a dark overcoat coupled with a checkered muffler can really accentuate your winter minimalist fashion. The same thing can be done about sweaters; choose the ones which are knitted and monochromatic. For example, off-white sweaters look heavenly and are the most basic minimalist winterwear you can ask for.
  5. Too much make-up is a big NO
    I think you saw this coming, because I had asked you to give up on excessive accessorising. Well, the same logic applies to make-up. You are free to put on some make-up, but that does not mean you add layer after layer to your skin. Trust me, wearing heavy make-up on minimalist fashion is bound to draw unwarranted attention. These two just don’t go along well no matter how much you try. Hence, keep it subtle. Apply light shade on your lips, don’t go overboard with foundation or add too much eye shadow. Your skin must blend in with the fabric you are wearing, and that can’t happen with flashy make-up.
  6. De-clutter your wardrobe
    If you want to avoid the temptation of wearing maximalist fashion and wish to engage in sustainable fashion, then you need to de-clutter your wardrobe. Minimalist fashion is not just fashion; it is a way of living. You will have to do away with the outlandish, over-the-top outfits and accessories from your wardrobe if you want to go full throttle. However, those who are only experimenting with minimalist fashion should consider removing maximalist clothes and accessories from the most visible section of the wardrobe and replacing them with minimalist choices.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - 6 Minimalist Fashion Tips for Everyone to Try Out

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