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How do you know someone loves you back?

The signs of love are hard to see. This happens mostly because people who are in love tend to hide their feelings in an effort to protect themselves from an upcoming rejection. When we are in love, we struggle with anxiety about whether we have the desired response. Why is that so important for us? The acceptance from our social environment reflects on us and points out all the strong characteristics of our personalities. This way, we accept, and embrace ourselves, and finally get closer to inner peace. It is absolutely normal to act like that, and society has trained us to believe in specific values. Everyone wants to find the love of their lives and live happily ever after. There is nothing wrong with that. Whether you intend to hide your feelings or you want to check the other person’s response to you, the signs are pretty much what you should pay attention to. Here are some clues to help you figure out what’s going on.

  1. They simply look at you
    This is probably the first, more simple, and innocent sign of love. It is something that even small kids do spontaneously with each other. Eyes can’t lie; they always tell the truth. If you notice someone staring at you, this means that they are probably at the first step of love. Even they have not realized yet how they feel; they just act based on instinct. If they are shy, they will probably stick to that reaction and never move forward unless you do the first step. Maybe, you can help them out by taking the initiative.

  2. They are shy and reluctant
    A simple way to understand where the other person stands is to try and walk into their shoes. I mean, have you caught yourself stammering or having difficulty picking the right words? Guess what? This stands for almost everyone. Next time you catch someone acting weird when you are around, be sure there is something more than shyness about this person. They also have a tendency to show empathy and agree with you. If you dislike someone, they share the same feeling, and if you are excited, they follow you on that too. These small things might mean the beginning of something wonderful, and they are very moving.

  3. They make a move
    When someone is in love, it is probably expected at some point to try to reach their loved ones. They will start probably by trying to get your phone number or your social media profile and text you when the opportunity arises. The time that you will receive the text message has a lot to say about what they’re trying to tell you. A simple ”Goodnight” at 00:00 am is not so innocent. The language they use and the way they decide to call you will definitely ring a bell about their approach to you. It will not be too long when they decide to invite you to do stuff together. Pay some attention to all these details, and you will be able to reveal the true intentions of even the most secretive people that are out there.

  4. They put out their ”good” self
    They take care of their appearance. Women probably emphasize more on their looks. They wear more makeup, they dress more provocatively, and they try to get your attention. For men, it is probably things like getting loud, trying to be funny, and show off. Generally, things that will make them look smarter and stand out from the competition. People who are familiar with the art of seduction do all of this stuff in a reasonable amount. The reason they do all that is because they know it works, so give them a chance to prove their point.

  5. What friends have to say?
    Once in a while, it is not a bad idea to address your friends to help you with things like that. They are more objective, and they will help you get a clear picture of the matter. It is very common to misunderstand someone’s reactions when we are in love. Sometimes we see things the way we want to reach a convenient conclusion. A real friend will probably have a more sober judgment. And if they see the spark in the other person’s eyes, they will encourage you to move forward. Whatever the situation, you will never regret taking the opinion of a true friend for something that’s bothering you.

Written by Anna Siampani.

CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Business Transformation - How do you know someone loves you back?
Anna Siampani
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