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Five signs that you love someone

Love is a tricky situation, and for many people, hard to get. The truth is that if you are capable of loving, you will be loved back eventually. We struggle to make people like us and love us that we lose the gist. Loving is a gift far more valuable than being loved. Albert Einstein had written a letter to his daughter saying that apart from all the powers that the science of physics has studied there is one more power in the universe, the power of love. He claimed it is a true power as all the others and some day will be studied in the universities.

An inspired scientist, such as Einstein, had the sensitivity and vision to give love the place it deserves. Doctors trying to heal human diseases underline the significance of psychological joy for physical health. Isn’t this inner happiness associated with the amount of love we feel, after all? We don’t really have to argue over the importance of this sentiment nor do we need to define it. Love is such an overwhelming condition that explains itself; no subtitles needed. Trying to approach this interesting issue, we present you a list of some scientifically proven signs that you love someone.

  1. Daydreaming
    When you catch yourself thinking of the beloved person, this is definitely a sign you love them. The person has probably gathered your attention, and it probably seems pointless to try to take him or her out of your mind. It may even be someone you already know or someone you are not allowed to be with, but the mind takes its own direction and focuses on where peace dominates. And this is probably where the other person is. Don’t resist this beautiful feeling; if you are lucky enough, you will experience that for a longer time.

  2. Focus on the positives
    Everyone has their good and not so good point. A person in love cannot see that. People in love are convinced they are just lucky enough to have fallen in love with an angel on Earth. Relationship counselors claim that things we evaluate as positives in our partner, in the beginning, are often converted into negatives when we stop being in love. This proves the theory that our couple is not perfect. It is just us who tend to interpret everything as a huge advantage due to our emotions. Don’t consider this as a trap, but as a state to enjoy

  3. Making plans
    Overcoming the first shock of meeting the love of your life, you will eventually start plans. The hormones will take place and give space to positive thinking about the future. When you are in love, nothing seems impossible, and every target is one step closer. If we would like to define love, we would probably say it is a condition that is characterized by the total absence of fear. Religious people define fear as the opposite of love and not hate. Hate is considered to be a situation where love is hidden underneath jealousy. Fear, on the other hand, is the power that can make us freeze and suffer. ”Paradise is not a place; it is a state of mind”, whoever takes credit for saying that surely deserves congrats.

  4. Becoming a better person
    When we love or when we are in love, we genuinely want to become better. Approaching a better version of ourselves doesn’t come as an effort to make others like us and fight with our insecurities. It comes as a result of being peaceful at all levels. This is the kind of love we want people to experience, and this is what we all deserve. When true love appears, there is no room left for feelings of jealousy. We are so absorbed with our positivity that we forget of times where negativity used to dominate our lives. We don’t want to be or feel better than others. We want to share the gift of loving with humanity.

  5. Introducing them to your world
    That is right! As we mentioned above, you already believe your partner is precious, and you hold a treasure. The excitement to share the good news will, at some point, lead you to invite the other person to your family’s gatherings or your friends’ weekend barbeque. It is entirely normal to feel proud of yourself for being accepted by someone you appreciate. When we are proud, we want to brag about it a little bit. This is not a crime; your family and friends will be happy for you, and you will undoubtedly pass this sense of excitement to their reality also. The vibes developed within the couple will affect the whole team, and you will all end up having an experience to remember.

Written by Anna Siampani.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Business Transformation - Five signs that you love someone
Anna Siampani
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