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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - Chicago Steak Company: Matt Crowley on Perfecting the Art of Producing the Finest Beef in America

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Chicago Steak Company: Matt Crowley on Perfecting the Art of Producing the Finest Beef in America

Matt Crowley
Matt Crowley

Beef as a core ingredient of a wide array of cuisines continues to draw interests of foodies all around the world. We enjoy the juiciest beef steaks, barbeque grills, and beef cuts in Michelin star to other high-end restaurants. We often heap praise on the master class portrayed by the chefs. We often miss the very aspect that the top tier cuisine is essentially enjoyed and loved because its core ingredient (beef) is not any other beef option one can easily purchase at Walmart, but an award-winning product.

Chicago Steak Company specializes in supplying the finest beef to domestic and commercial vendors across the United States. The specialized product is hand-cut, which is a well-thought aspect since hand-cut precision and excellence can never be replicated in the operation of machinery. The company delivers vacuum-sealed beef cuts, shipped on dry ice to preserve its freshness and hundred percent quality threshold directly to a customer’s doorstep. The beef offered by Chicago Steak Company classified is USDA Prime Beef, which is the top 2% of the beef in the whole of America.

Its founder, Matt Crowley, having credible experience running the company has earned recognition for his business prowess. Crowley’s ambition has made the company the first choice beef supplier for home-based customers and restaurants of all classes.

“An exceptional customer experience – and that is achieved by a high-quality product and a team here that goes above and beyond for our clients. Chicago Steak Company specializes in USDA Prime beef (both wet and dry-aged options) which represent the top 2% of beef in the US. All our beef is aged at least 28 days which allows each steak to become more tender and flavorful. This is different than what you will get from most local butchers or meat providers,” shares Crowley.

The company’s long history dates to the late 19th century. Back in 1865, the Union Stock Yards was founded in Chicago, and it has been a genuine supplier of certified meat, purely produced in the United States. Today, Crowley’s company maintains the same benchmark in its standards of service.

And this aspect is carried in each bite of the meat. Each bite contains a special sentiment which was originated more than a hundred years ago by older generations. It exemplifies a Mid-Western heritage of selective cattle farming.

“Great care goes into the packaging of each order here at Chicago Steak Company. Our aged steaks are all hand-cut by artisan butchers and then individually vacuum sealed to lock in the flavor and ensure optimal quality. Those steaks are then placed in our black & gold gift boxes and wrapped in butcher paper to ensure the presentation of our product matches the quality. Each gift box is placed inside a Styrofoam cooler and packed with dry ice to ensure the shipment stays frozen during its transit,” adds Crowley.

As a business expert, Crowley was also faced with a challenging situation prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic. He adds his insights on what went into the daily operation of the company as the pandemic engulfed the whole food and logistics industry of America.

“The recent health pandemic created significant challenges for all businesses, including the beef industry. The first, and most important, has been to ensure the health and safety of each team member here. We immediately implemented measures to keep workers a safe working distance apart, reinforced and increased cleaning regimens, and implemented a telework program for our customer service team.

“At the same time, the US beef market experienced severe shortages resulting in bare grocery store shelves, and some fast-food chains even removing burgers off their menu due to lack of supply. Fortunately, our strong ties in the supply chain enabled us to continue to source product throughout this pandemic to service our clients consistently.”

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - Chicago Steak Company: Matt Crowley on Perfecting the Art of Producing the Finest Beef in America
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