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35 Proven Strategies: How To Make Your Employees Happy And Productive

We recently published an article about the story of Tony Hsieh. The man is an active entrepreneur who will probably leave his print in the business world for the bold decision to remove the directors from his company as a form of self-organization. We don’t suggest moving forward to such different strategies, but we encourage you to redirect your mindset regarding your company’s profile. In the 21st century, we all know how important it is to keep the employees happy. Companies spend capital on the humans that will work for them. Even though they buy people’s time, most of the time, what they receive is people’s performance. This is why the level of experience and education is paid accordingly. So, in order to maintain the prestige of the company, you can rethink how to approach the employees as a team. Below, we point out some of what we consider some of the most crucial areas of concern regarding productivity in work.

  1. Communication
    Communication is crucial. There is a common belief that good communication is perhaps the essential factor for the team to succeed. This does not apply only to work, but it’s more evident in working environments. If you treat your colleagues in a friendly way, the positive atmosphere that you will create is the key factor that will let you see the company grow and thrive. Answering their emails, being social, and encouraging people to come with their questions to your office will help the staff feel relaxed and willing to go that extra mile to make you happy with their work. You can even establish a light dinner after the week’s meeting where all the team members can reunite and discuss business, among other stuff.

  2. Flexibility
    The ability to adjust and set new tactics and strategies to achieve the company’s goals is something that only leading positions like CEOs and CFO’s can deliver. The employees will always come with new requests regarding the deadlines and the days they want to take off. If you manage to fit everyone’s needs in a nice and clear agenda, you will literally rule the company’s productivity. Big companies are usually prepared for unexpected changes in their timetable, but smaller companies rely more on each employee. Depending on the size of the company, try to do your best to please the employees on their simple requests and help them become willing and ambitious for the company they are working for.
  3. The team
    Do you want to see a team noticing progress? Hire team players. The election of the employees is very important. You see, when you hire someone for a specific position, inevitably, you don’t only hire them for that. You also hire them to be a part of a team. If those people are cynical and lazy, the productivity of the whole team will be affected. In other words, the performance of your workers depends on other workers’ attitudes. The same strategy applies when you have to let people go. Don’t hesitate to fire people who block the team and lead people who are perfect in what they are doing to drop their level of quality in work.
  4. The facilities
    It is probably pointless to state the importance of the working environment to the performance of the employees. Here are some of the musts that you should check in the office. The proper lighting in terms of natural and artificial lighting is the first. The level of hygiene, especially during these hard times of coronavirus, where everyone is afraid about their health and their relatives, is a common issue. We also believe that employees should have access to drinking water and coffee machines within their working environment. Besides, coffee increases alertness and productivity.

  5. Celebrate
    It may sound silly to some people, but many companies have adopted this way of becoming connected over the last years. Celebrating the successful outcome of a stressful deadline is an excellent example of how you can engage the team to the company’s goals. If you make employees feel that it is something of their own, you will grow their motivation, and therefore, their productivity. Even celebrating someone’s birthday in the office as a surprise party will help you all feel refreshed and come in a better mood for work the next day.
  6. Know Them
  7. Listen Well
  8. Develop Them
  9. Be consistent
  10. Inspire Them
  11. Get out of their way
  12. Trust your employees
  13. Recognize their progress
  14. Establish SMART Goals
  15. Offer the Support They Need
  16. Keep your employees informed
  17. Encourage breaks
  18. Have regular one-on-one meetings
  19. Offer, don’t assign responsibility
  20. Prioritize a good work/life balance
  21. Communicate Clearly, Early, and Often
  22. Respond to employees quickly and fully
  23. Acquire or Enhance Your Coaching Skills
  24. Provide perks (without breaking the bank!)
  25. Be receptive to employee preference
  26. Make your employees part of the bigger picture
  27. Plan team-building activities unrelated to work
  28. Celebrate both personal and team milestones
  29. Take an interest in who your employees are
  30. Provide tools for success
  31. Don’t keep score
  32. Allow workplace flexibility
  33. Request Feedback for Yourself and Demonstrate Humility
  34. Support innovation, whether or not it works out
  35. Say “Thank You”

Simply saying the words “Thank You” can go a long way.

Written by Anna Siampani.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Agenda - 35 Proven Strategies: How To Make Your Employees Happy And Productive
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