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The best destinations to live and work remotely, 2021

The new working reality has changed every industry’s scenery within a few decades due to the tremendous increase in technology. The need for computer scientists and people who can work from their laptops creates an interesting landscape for the workers. This new reality is convenient for the employees because they can skip hours on traffic and the whole procedure of making a tight program of their whole life, just to fit their working base.

On the other hand, companies don’t seem to suffer from that either. An office’s total expenses can be reduced if the number of people working there is also decreased. The coronavirus has only come to make things move a little faster in that direction. It will probably be necessary to work remotely for almost the entire winter.

Especially Northern countries will have to settle for the new reality since the cold will make things worse in terms of Covid-19. Besides, no one knows what will happen when we overcome the coronavirus crisis.

Another spreading disease might appear and force us to follow the same pattern. In any case for those whose jobs allow them to work on their computer, we have prepared a list of some places where you can work and at the same time have a great time.

  1. Greece
    Greece is a tiny country in the South-East part of Europe at the borders of Turkey. Due to its location, it is very well connected with Europe, Asia, and the North part of Africa. Therefore, it is an excellent base to travel to other countries and continents as well. The country has a ton of choices to visit islands and combine your stay there on vacation.

    Even though you could not characterize it as a cheap country, it is affordable. Keep in mind that the time zone is UTC+02:00, seven hours ahead of EST. So it is rather convenient for people who like to work late. Be prepared that Greece’s economy is based on tourism, and in the summer, it will be crowded. This is a chance for you to meet new people. In case you prefer quietness you can go to any of its mountain destinations during the summer months to avoid the crowd.

  2. United States
    Some people work for American companies or owe companies in the States and would prefer to stay within the county’s borders to be able to return to reality in case anything comes up. Working in the States will let you avoid long flights and any restrictions regarding traveling during Covid-19.

    You will not have to change your habits and food, and you will not have to adjust to another culture or time zone. In case you have family and friends that you don’t want to miss staying in the USA will suit you best. However, you can go to a different state than the one you used to be in. Atlanta is, according to NerdWallet, one of the best places for digital nomads.

  3. Bali
    Everyone is familiar with this Indonesian island, one of the world’s top tourist destinations, for years. Bali has managed to keep its natural beauty and the combination of jungles and beaches.

    It has plenty of co-working spaces, and private villas come at the cost of only $ 70 per night for the moment. It is a super-safe destination, and people are very friendly. Considering its high quality of amenities, it has a logical cost of living, which means that you don’t have to go only for a week’s vacation, but you can also stay to work from ”home”. Even though Balinese is the official language, the interaction with tourists has allowed locals to become familiar with English, making things easier during your stay there.

  4. Mexico
    Mexico is recommended mostly because of its location. It is on the United States’ borders. It offers a six-month for every traveler without any questions being asked, and there is a great interaction with the American culture. On top of that, it has incredible beaches and people speak Spanish, which is a very convenient and widely spoken language.

    Isla Mujeres Mexico

    The cost of living compared to the United States is ridiculous, and the overall experience will be great. However, Mexico is a big country, and not all cities are suitable for remote workers. Our recommendations include Mazatlan, a pretty town facing the Pacific Ocean hosting a lot of American tourists, San Miguel de Allende, which is closer to the capital of Mexico City and you may found many Americans living, and working there long before the coronavirus appeared and of course Cancun, at the south part with people from all over the world and access to the Caribbean Sea

Anna Siampani
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