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6 Top Reasons Why Companies Fly Private

No matter what is happening in the world executives must still be able to carry on their work as usual, and it’s imperative this happens as time is money. Now more than ever, safety is a feature for any business, securing human capital is critical, no matter how smart computers are without top-class executives, there can be no business.

Let’s take a look at why companies are choosing to use private charter instead of commercial airlines.

  1. Decreased Risk of Exposure to Passengers
    Most importantly, travellers looking to minimise risk to themselves, and others, are taking to private jet services as a way to maintain critical parts of their operations without the perceived risks.
    Passengers can avoid crowds in airports as they go through a separate terminal for private jets. Security controls at private jet terminals are also faster than in commercial terminals, and there are no queues.
  2. Abide by Strict Sanitary Standards
    Stringent sanitary measures are applied to aircraft and crew, more so in private jet flights as they have continued to operate as usual throughout the pandemic without any downtime. All certified private jet operators are following the European Union Aviation Safety Agency’s recommendations of protection.

  3. Full Control of their Cabin Environment
    Private jet passengers have full control over their environment. Private jets have several systems in place to ensure health and safety; such as filtration systems that refresh cabin air every two minutes.
    Passengers can take things further by diving into a jet’s other features, including optimising temperature, pressure and humidity to attain the ideal conditions for a good trip.
  4. History of their Pilots and Flight Attendants
    When booking private jet charters, passengers can easily access their pilot’s and flight attendants’ travel histories as part of service and safety standards.
    If an executive is concerned, they can find out exactly to where their crew has most recently flown and other pertinent information. It is in the private jet industries interest to keep meticulous records, and these records are always accessible.
  5. Discretion is key
    Privacy is one of the other significant factors to take into consideration. Discretion is critical whether you are a cabinet minister carrying top-secret information or vital supplies or just a busy executive working on a secret formula.

    Private aviators are renowned for respecting the need for complete secrecy. This secrecy has been paramount throughout many world crises and displayed successfully over many years.

  6. Taking Away the Stress
    Flying is stressful so having the ability to relax without having to worry about the health of your fellow passengers or crew should take away the stress from your trip and allow you to focus on the business at hand.

    The ability to work in a clean and comfortable environment means less downtime when you arrive.  If the five reasons noted above aren’t good enough to tempt you, consider the following; Flying private means you can fly from almost anywhere you are not reliant on using commercial airports, getting stuck in long wait times.

All commercial airliners work on a set schedule, and whether you’re travelling first-class or back in economy, you’ll all arrive at the same time. Commercial aircraft use only select airports and, often because of their size, they have to wait to use the large runways. Flying this way means congestion. Anyone who flies regularly knows just what it’s like to remain on a runway or in a holding pattern for ages – very annoying.

Commercial airliners have to fly precise routes through a dedicated hub-and-spoke network; something that private jets reliant on. Private charter jet can fly directly to your chosen destination. The plane climbs faster than commercial airlines, cruise at a higher altitude with greater speeds, so combating poor weather isn’t one of their problems.

All this adds up to you getting to your destination so much faster with no downtime, so why would you ever choose to fly commercial again?

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