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Visionary Enterprise, Replant Amazon, Aims to Replant 1 Billion Trees Across the World

Are social media platforms good for something besides cute cat pictures, makeup tips and exotic travel? Yes, says the Canadian influencer marketing platform Shop and Shout, which recently announced a strategic partnership with Replant Amazon, a visionary enterprise committed to planting 1 billion trees in deforested areas around the world.

Replant Amazon founders, Bala Krishnan and Thiru Arunachalam, explain their mission,

“Our mission is to take massive action against climate change and we want to do what other environmentalists haven’t been able to do yet. Our goal: to plant 1 billion trees by 2022.

Our roots are in the tech industry, where the culture is a high-stakes, ‘move fast and break things’ kind of environment. Under these conditions, best practices rapidly evolve and only things that work best are what survive. We are applying the same rigor at the same breakneck speeds to prevent and reverse the damage that climate change has done to our Earth.”

Shop and Shout represents more than 44,000 micro-influencers. Micro-influencers are social media influencers with powerful reach into concentrated niches that focus on topics and interests the end users are deeply passionate about.

Research has found that content generated by a micro-influencer is nearly ten times more likely to persuade a user to purchase or engage than posts uploaded by name-brand influencers.

When Micro-Influencers Meet Visionaries

Replant Amazon maintains a database of all native tree species in every area they’re active in. A small donation subsidizes the growth of a single tree. The Replant Amazon team uses innovative Miyawaki ecological engineering techniques to ensure biodiversity and survival. This approach ensures plant growth that is 10 times faster and 30 times denser than unregulated forest growth.

Shop and Shout will be identifying 600 committed micro-influencers with proven clout in ecological and environmental niches and gifting each of them with 20 Replant Amazon giveaway trees. Selected micro-influencers will be able to donate these trees to Replant Amazon directly as well as to award them to followers through contests, games and other online activities. The resulting social media mini-campaigns will create a flurry of social media activity that can translate into solid buzz for the Replant Amazon brand.

Sophie Ireland

Sophie Ireland

Contributors Editor
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