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Upcoming cultural events in the next 12 months

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2020 is here and with it comes a fresh set of 12 months for us to make the most of. We have resolutions, deadlines, projects, and alliances to achieve and after the serious work is done, we have ourselves a calendar full of leisure and cultural activities. The new year is often an exciting opportunity and is often viewed as an excuse by some to break the monotony of last year and embark on something new. Of course, there are people among us that travel for a living and there are some who live only to travel. Whatever category you belong to, you shouldn’t find any excuse to miss any of the following 12 events coming up in the next 12 months.

  1. January- La Tamborrada, Spain
    Date: 19-20 January
    A drum festival sure is great fun. But if you have a drum festival in a country where they don’t shy too much from high decibels, you’ve got a real thing in your hands. La Tombarrada wants you to gather at the Plaza de la Constitution, raise the flag and let all the noise loose. Make sure you munch on the great food if you have the chance (or energy).
  2. February: Sapporo Snow Festival, Japan
    Date: 5-11 February
    Named after the most northern island in Japan, this is a festival if you like sculpting and the remaining chills of the fading winter. As the name suggests, it is all about making sculptures with snow. Obviously you would be in an environment that supports the existence of snow in the first place. So pack warm.
  3. March: Holi, India
    Date: 23 March
    Known as the festival of colors, this is one festival that you absolutely must not miss if you are on an out and out adventure. India as a country literally spells adventure at every step and if you find yourself in a bunch of people all throwing colors are each other you can imagine the amount of fun you’d have.
  4. April: Toronto Food and Drink Market, Canada
    Date: 8-10 April
    Here’s one for the food lovers. As the name suggests, you arrive in a sea of good food, great chefs and a beautiful manifestation of why food can sometimes be art as well. Make sure you sample Canada’s homegrown cheese.
  5. May: London Wine week
    Date: 13-19 May
    Need we say more? Its London, and the best in the world of spirits are at your disposal. This is one week you would never like to forget, even if you might.
  6. June: Queenstown Winter Festival, New Zealand
    Date: 21-24 June
    A winter festival in June? It’s a solid yes if you’re down under at New Zealand. They love their sports and they love their culture, and in this festival, you will find both.
  7. July- Festival d’Avignon, France
    Date: 4-25 July
    If you are a lover of the performing arts, this festival has few peers. And set in the culture capital of the world, you have the world of arts at your feet. Prepare to be swept away.
  8. August: Air guitar world championship, Finland
    Date: 21-23 Aug
    Whether you know how to play the guitar or not, you know you have strummed to the tunes of your favorite song in thin air. What you may not know is that there is a world championship for that. It happens in Oulu, Finland, and is a spectacle that you cannot miss in this short life.
  9. September: Oasis Music Resort, Marrakech, Morocco
    Date: 16-18 September
    It’s a world of culture and music at your feet, bathed in warm sunny weather and beautiful views in the backdrop to accentuate the beauty of it. The musical acts that play are the soul of the show, but there is more to this festival than meets the eye.
  10. October: Frankfurt Book Fair, Germany
    Date: 19-23 October
    It’s a tradition that goes back 500 years. The Frankfurt book fair is one of the biggest amalgamations of bibliophiles from around the world, and if you count yourself as one, there is absolutely no excuse to miss this one.
  11. November: LopBury Monkey Banquet, Thailand
    Date: 26-27 November
    Yes, you heard that right. It’s a banquet for monkeys and macaques by their kin the homo sapiens. The location is Phra Prang Sam Yot temple, with the presiding LopBury Governer, and after some brief ceremonies, about 3000 hungry monkeys are treated to the feast of their lives. It’s quite cheap to attend this, but the thrills are aplenty.
  12. December: L’Escalade, Switzerland
    Date: 9-11 December
    What is Switzerland most known for apart from the magnificent Alps? Its chocolates. And L’Escalade is the holy grail for every chocolate lover in the world. There are traditions that you have to follow through, as it follows a fable 400 years ago that you have to reenact, only this time with chocolates. That’s tempting enough.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - Upcoming cultural events in the next 12 months
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