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Top 5 Fashion Tips For Office-going Women

Once a woman starts to dress according to her personality, physical structure, the location, and the trends that the society follows, it becomes easier for them to buy shirts, pants, jeans, or even the minimal accessories in accordance. Keeping up with the trends, fashion styles, and office decorum is not only important for parties and casual getaways but also professional commitments and business attire. Whether it is time for classy formals or stylish casuals in the office, women must keep up with the ever-changing fashion styles too. Here are the top five tips for every office-going woman to learn and apply.

  1. Business Formals
    In the corporate world, almost all the offices follow a specific dress code and adhering to it is important. In law firms, there are regular meets with the executive and administrative clients, where your attire must be neat, classy, and comfortable. A well-cut pantsuit in a monochrome shade like navy, black or brown and white button-ups with a collar fit in the “boardroom attire” perfectly. The accessories must be kept at the minimal and paired with closed-toe heels or stilettoes in taupe, grey, brown or black. Edgy nail colors and sparkle should be avoided. It would be preferred if the nails are well-groomed, just as your hair.
  2. Go completely casual
    Some companies like media and advertisement keep their employees happy and satisfied. The basic trick is to not overdo your casual look or get too creative with the spunky look. Keep the look appropriately and neatly, but don’t let this hold you back. Suitable and neatly-fitted tops and blouses with slacks, skirts or washed denim is the best casual way and sticks to the professional line up too.  Keep your scarves, rings, and even hoop rings ready for your casual days at work. Avoid overly casual denim cuts, flares, excessively tight and revealing outfits, and over the edge accessories; although, sneakers, open-toed shoes, and peep-toes are permitted!
  3. Western or Indian? Make your choice
    When Indian women took the office reins in their hands, they rocked the Indian outfits! With noticeable changes all around the world, there was a considerable shift in the way women began to perceive modern business clothes. Kurtis became the preferred Indian wear for the young office-going girls. The Indian work fashion has drastically changed over the years and evolved with major improvements. There are no tips and tricks to wearing Indian attire to your office. Avoid wearing a saree if you are unable to carry it. Try keeping the choice of your Kurtis to well-fitted and solid-colored. Avoid pairing your outfit with peppy accessories and shiny footwear.
  4. Pay Attention to The Mist Around You
    Sometimes, all you got to do to set your fashion mark is choosing the right perfume or deodorant for your office and business meetings. With the hustle we do every day in our professional sphere, we need to feel and smell refreshing even in the evenings. The right kind and the amount of smell of your perfume can do wonders for your normal and simple business attire. Go for Musk, Mongolia, or Waterlily mists and avoid Roses, Blackberry, or other pungent and attention-grabbing smells. Don’t send clients or business officials on a sneezing frenzy!
  5. Semi Casual Can Also Look Chic
    In a creative environment, a new startup, or an online marketing firm, you can combine your definition of casual and the office-specific dress code. Apply your brains and turn your go-to jeans and casual t-shirt outfit into your business casual and pair your black blazer with it. Complement your white and black jeans with semi-casual blouses and rock it with comfortable pointed heels and a classy watch. Avoid wearing anything which is too revealing or has plunging necklines or short skirts or dresses.

The trending and classy styles today make it effortless and fair to keep your office attire simple and smart, but a little mix and match never hurt anyone. When you are choosing your office outfit, you have the liberty to innovate and create to make keep your business style game and trendy.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Lifestyle - Top 5 Fashion Tips For Office-going Women
Mindy Wright

Mindy Wright

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