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Top 6 Business Schools From Around The Globe

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A business research direction will put together college students for the challenges of operating in the business region, which has modified dramatically since the flip of the millennium, thanks to technological traits, developments, and an economic crash. Most academic courses will not only teach the practicalities of handling business on an everyday basis but can even look at the impact which the external elements could have upon customer loyalty and buying patterns.

Every year, CEOWORLD magazine releases a comprehensive ranking of the best business schools in the world. CEOWORLD magazine surveys over 200 programs and considers a wide range of factors, including academic reputation and admission eligibility, job placement rate to calculate its graduate school rankings. Find out which Business School tops the Best Business Schools ranking of MBA programs by the CEOWORLD magazine this year.

Here is the list of the “Top 6 Business Schools From Around The Globe” that offer the advanced curriculum and instruction required to achieve the professional degree:

INSEAD Business SchoolŽ, France
Rank: #1
Overall score: 940/1,000
Average Starting Salary (3 years after graduation): $180,527
Female faculty: 19%
Female students: 33%
International faculty: 93%
International students: 97%
Faculty with doctorates: 97%

A graduate business school with campuses in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, “INSEAD” is originally an acronym for the French “Institut Européen d’Administration des Affaires” or European Institute of Business Administration. When it comes to the reasons to study in INSEAD, the diversity as a source of learning and gaining experience, relevance and sheer dedication of the faculty to provide top-notch education and the closeness to the international business makes it the most sought-after course while considering the options.

MIT Sloan School of Management, United States
Rank: #2
Overall score: 951/1,000
Average Starting Salary (3 years after graduation): $186,081
Female faculty: 23%
Female students: 42%
International faculty: 42%
International students: 52%
Faculty with doctorates: 99%

The business school of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States, promises degrees of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs, as well as executive education. MIT stands at the intersection of business and technology to explore the future of work by launching companies that kick start local economies in the developing and developed world. It offers the faculty tools and gateways of research at their footsteps with new departments as their creation. For students, the opportunity to get hands-on learning at the global level with a persistent focus on the future. It offers a vibrant network for career-focused people, alumni, and organizational leaders that offer pathways to turn visions into realities.

Harvard Business School, United States
Rank: #3
Overall score: 945/1,000
Average Starting Salary (3 years after graduation): $204,350
Female faculty: 28%
Female students: 41%
International faculty: 36%
International students: 37%
Faculty with doctorates: 89%

Amongst the top business schools is the Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts, which delivers far more value in networking and knowledge than any do-it-yourself education relying on websites and textbooks. The high-pressure, real-time learning environment each day with 90 diverse, overachieving, outspoken, intelligent and committed individuals forge friendships and alliances that remain relevant and beneficial for many years after graduation. The openness and welcoming nature of the students and the alumni is simply a relaxant for the young minds. A variety of clubs and associations await the students at the campus to instill leadership and qualitative values through practical experiences.

Iese Business School, Spain
Rank: #4
Overall score: 940/1,000
Average Starting Salary (3 years after graduation): $150,417
Female faculty: 29%
Female students: 26%
International faculty: 72%
International students: 85%
Faculty with doctorates: 100%
IESE Business School aims to develop and inspire business leaders who strive to make a deep, positive and lasting impact on the people, companies, and society they serve.

Wharton School – University of PennsylvaniaŽ, United States
Rank: #5
Overall score: 935/1,000
Average Starting Salary (3 years after graduation): $199,883
Female faculty: 25%
Female students: 43%
International faculty: 38%
International students: 36%
Faculty with doctorates: 98%

A private Ivy League university in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, stands on the 3rd position for one of the best business schools in the world as it offers departments and concentrations like accounting, e-commerce, economics, entrepreneurship, ethics, finance, preferred control, health care management, coverage, and quantitative analysis/information and operations studies.

Resident students are offered membership in around 100 student organizations and clubs of varied interests, from literary organizations, religious clubs and sports club for participating at intramural and college level.  The schools’ ranking backs the students with immense support and proud for all the future endeavors they take upon, from consulting on various case studies for group or an individual project to building their own start from scratch, by providing excellent skills and necessary experiences to become internationally recognized leaders.

Columbia Business School, United States
Rank: #6
Overall score: 931/1,000
Average Starting Salary (3 years after graduation): $185,148
Female faculty: 18%
Female students: 39%
International faculty: 56%
International students: 48%
Faculty with doctorates: 95%

Columbia University in the City of New York in Manhattan, New York City, was established in 1916 and is one of the oldest business schools in the world. Situated at the global hub of business, the university is committed to educating and developing leaders and builders of enterprises who create value for their stakeholders and society at large and the forefront producing groundbreaking research across disciplines and the worldwide alumni network continues to grow and impact change.

By studying business, one stays connected to the relevant side of the corporate world with the global generation. These aforementioned top colleges not only offer the finest and the excellent courses for the professional front but also sharpen the inter and intrapersonal skills for a better and brighter future.

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