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Best Foodie Destinations In The World 2019

As they say, the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. Food is one of those essential aspects of life which is not seen as a survival instinct but it also nourishes the soul.

A good food day keeps the overall mood happy and also lets the person do their mundane activities in greater zeal and interest. Moreover, food and travel always go hand in hand and many travelers love to explore the local cuisine whenever a new destination is visited.

The food revolution has undergone a lot of change these days with a growing awareness of organic cooking and exploration of forgotten culinary art.

Here are some of the best foodie destinations in the world to put your palate on an enthralling ride!

  1. Matera, Italy: This country is widely known for being exquisite in food exploration. Matera is also termed as the cultural capital of Italy and quite cozy at a mountain lock as a location. A lot of local pulses such as black chickpeas, senise peppers are available to try at the indigenous front. The presence of mountain herbs also gives the food a unique taste which cannot be seen in any other parts of the world.

  2. Amsterdam, Netherlands: For all those vegans out there, Amsterdam offers a fantastic range of food options. Also try the plant based dish Dutch Weedburger which is made of sea weed excluslively. Also dwell into the Meatless District along with De Cuilinaire Werkplats for an unforgettable food travel experience.

  3. South Aegean, Greece: This European region of Gastronomy is richly equipped with Hellenic cuisine. Try the live octopus, sesame- crusted sardines, and herb infused lamb along with the taste of locally grown vegetables and pulses. This place is also amazingly rich with wide range of wines to get the feel of Mediterranean bliss.

  4. Yorkshire, UK:  The artful capital of United Kingdom is the home of delicious pudding. Interestingly, lot of female chefs rule the roost here with their amazing culinary skills. Pay a visit to Hebden Bridge and Calder Valley for a memorable palatable day.

  5. Corsica, France:  This amazing place is perfect for the lazing out traveler along with the one who wants a bit of adventure through hiking. The food cultures blend between France and Italy thereby giving even more reason to visit.  Try out Civet De Sanglier, Fitagelli Sausages, Roasted lamb in garlic cloves, and Oysters as well at this dreamy destination.

  6. Pittsburgh, United States: The progressive city is high on art scene with fabulous street art as well. Try the huge burger at the oldest food joint Primanti Brothers which stuffs fries into it for the additional crunch. Being a budget friendly place, Pittsburgh is an amazing destination for the urbane foodie traveler.

  7. Peru: Are you inquisitive enough to try root vegetables which cannot be found anywhere in the world? The country’s rich biodiversity is clearly reflected in the food scene as well.  An amazing variety of corn, edible tropical flower plants is an added beauty for the yearning foodie.

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