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Most Food Sustainable Countries In The World, 2018

It turns out France has the most sustainable food system in the world, according to the Food Sustainability Index (FSI), by the Economist Intelligence Unit and the Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition Foundation. The country introduced legislation in 2016 requiring supermarkets to redistribute leftover food to charities and food banks.

The Netherlands, Canada, Finland, and Japan rounded out the top five. China, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States failed to make the top 20 of 67 countries that were ranked on food waste, sustainable agriculture, and health and nutrition.

Meanwhile, Denmark, Czech Republic, Sweden, Austria, and Hungary filled up the rest of the top ten spots. A “food system” involves the infrastructure and processes that go into feeding the population, such as growing, harvesting, and transportation. The Index measures how sustainable these processes are.

Between the farm, the processing plant, the retailer, and the home, the world discards one-third of all food intended for human consumption, which amounts to a loss of almost $1 trillion.

Most Food Sustainable Countries, 2018

1. France
2. Netherlands
3. Canada
4. Finland
5. Japan
6. Denmark
7. Czech Republic
8. Sweden
9. Austria
10. Hungary
11. Australia
12. Rwanda
13. Argentina
14. Croatia
15. Poland
16. Germany
17. Colombia
18. Ireland
19. Spain
20. Estonia
21. Portugal
22. South Korea
23. China
24. United Kingdom
25. Uganda
26. United States
27. Ethiopia
28. Italy
29. Luxembourg
30. Tanzania
31. Zimbabwe
32. Zambia
33. India
34. Burkina Faso
35. Belgium
36. Cote d’Ivoire
37. Senegal
38. Cyprus
39. Mexico
40. Brazil
41. Lithuania
42. Israel
43. Greece
44. Romania
45. Kenya
46. Nigeria
47. Morocco
48. Mozambique
49. Egypt
50. Jordan
51. Lebanon
52. Tunisia
53. Latvia
54. Malta
55. Slovakia
56. Sudan
57. Slovenia
58. Turkey
59. Cameroon
60. Indonesia
61. Sierra Leone
62. Ghana
63. South Africa
64. Saudi Arabia
65. Russia
66. Bulgaria
67. United Arab Emirates

Infographic: The Top 20 Most Food Sustainable Countries In The World, 2018

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