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Forbes: 63 California Companies Make Best Employers List For 2018

It turns out sixty-three California-based companies have been named among the best in America, according to a report by Forbes. Monrovia-based Trader Joe’s was the highest ranked employer in California, coming in at No. 2 on America’s best employers 2018 list of the top 500 employers that have more than 5,000 workers.

Google, headquartered in Mountain View, was ranked No. 2 in California and number three in the country, followed by Stanford University, VMware, and Genentech. Facebook also made the list, ranked 31.

Three other top California companies are based in Mountain View including Intuit, ranked 74th; LinkedIn, ranked 81st; and Symantec at No. 401. Magazine rank the top employee-recommended 500 large and 500 mid-size employers.

Who is on the list – top 20

1. Trader Joe’s, Monrovia, California (rank: 2)
2. Google, Mountain View, California (rank: 3)
3. Stanford University, Stanford, California (rank: 15)
4. VMware, Palo Alto, California (rank: 21)
5. Genentech, San Francisco, California (rank: 22)

6. Facebook, Menlo Park, California (rank: 31)
7. Salesforce, San Francisco, California (rank: 32)
8. VSP Global, Rancho Cordova, California (rank: 36)
9. Amgen, Thousand Oaks, California (rank: 44)
10. CSF Medical Center, San Francisco, California (rank: 49)

11. Apple, Cupertino, California (rank: 54)
12. Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California (rank: 69)
13. Roche Holding, South San Francisco, California (rank: 71)
14. Intuit, Mountain View, California (rank: 74)
15. Tesla , Palo Alto, California (rank: 80)

16. LinkedIn, Mountain View, California (rank: 81)
17. Cisco Systems, San Jose, California (rank: 97)
18. In-N-Out Burger, Irvine, California (rank: 101)
19. Sephora, San Francisco, California (rank: 104)
20. Qualcomm, San Diego, California (rank: 11)

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