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These Are The 20 Best Large U.S. Cities To Start A Business In 2018

Oklahoma ranked No. 1 city in the United States for starting a business, that’s according to a new WalletHub study. After Oklahoma City, Austin (TX) ranked second best, followed by Sioux Falls, SD; Missoula, MT; and Durham, NC rounding out the top five.

The report looked at 180 large cities across the United States and ranked them according to 19 metrics, ranging from five-year business-survival rate to office-space affordability.

So where is the best large city in America to start a new business? Check out the 20 best large cities for starting a business in the U.S., based on rankings (the city’s rankings in each of the three categories are below, along with a total score on a 100-point scale):

These Are The 20 Best Large U.S. Cities To Start A Business In 2018

20. Fort Worth, TX
Total score: 56.92
Business environment ranking: 6
Access to resources ranking: 36
Business costs ranking: 136

19. Atlanta, GA
Total score: 57.15
Business environment ranking: 62
Access to resources ranking: 25
Business costs ranking: 55

18. Laredo, TX
Total score: 57.19
Business environment ranking: 73
Access to resources ranking: 10
Business costs ranking: 78

17. Casper, WY
Total score: 57.36
Business environment ranking: 32
Access to resources ranking: 79
Business costs ranking: 48

16. Springfield, MO
Total score: 57.83
Business environment ranking: 97
Access to resources ranking: 51
Business costs ranking: 1

15. Orlando, FL
Total score: 58.07
Business environment ranking: 19
Access to resources ranking: 100
Business costs ranking: 57

14. Miami, FL
Total score: 58.35
Business environment ranking: 18
Access to resources ranking: 56
Business costs ranking: 79

13. Grand Rapids, MI
Total score: 58.43
Business environment ranking: 82
Access to resources ranking: 24
Business costs ranking: 14

12. Denver, CO
Total score: 58.58
Business environment ranking: 15
Access to resources ranking: 22
Business costs ranking: 110

11. Salt Lake City, UT
Total score: 59.01
Business environment ranking: 102
Access to resources ranking: 3
Business costs ranking: 34

10. Raleigh, NC
Total score: 59.07
Business environment ranking: 58
Access to resources ranking: 8
Business costs ranking: 60

9. Charlotte, NC
Total score: 59.16
Business environment ranking: 23
Access to resources ranking: 43
Business costs ranking: 56

8. Billings, MT
Total score: 59.16
Business environment ranking: 39
Access to resources ranking: 30
Business costs ranking: 42

7. Cheyenne, WY
Total score: 59.22
Business environment ranking: 2
Access to resources ranking: 141
Business costs ranking: 40

6. Bismarck, ND
Total score: 59.60
Business environment ranking: 40
Access to resources ranking: 4
Business costs ranking: 102

5. Durham, NC
Total score: 59.72
Business environment ranking: 52
Access to resources ranking: 15
Business costs ranking: 28

4. Missoula, MT
Total score: 60.52
Business environment ranking: 37
Access to resources ranking: 26
Business costs ranking: 24

3. Sioux Falls, SD
Total score: 61.12
Business environment ranking: 51
Access to resources ranking: 11
Business costs ranking: 19

2. Austin, TX
Total score: 61.35
Business environment ranking: 1
Access to resources ranking: 9
Business costs ranking: 155

1. Oklahoma City, OK
Total score: 62.24
Business environment ranking: 8
Access to resources ranking: 46
Business costs ranking: 26

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Agenda - These Are The 20 Best Large U.S. Cities To Start A Business In 2018

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