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How To Manage Your Luxury Auto Repair Shop Smoothly (With Less Employees)

According to UPI, the number of vehicles on roads across the globe will reach 1.7 billion by 2035. That’s a lot of vehicles – and even more vehicles that will need repairs. Having an auto repair shop may be a lucrative business for you, but are you running it as efficiently as you could be? Let’s find out.

Research Competitors

In 2017, Statisca.com reported over 37,645 auto-industry establishments (motor-vehicle parts and supply stores, tire dealers, equipment, etc.) existed in 2017. It’s clear that the automotive industry is incredibly competitive.

Researching about your industry rivals (large or small) in your surrounding area is important. For example, if Company XYZ has a larger marketing budget than yours, you can make your shop more appealing to customers by offering specialised services. Knowing what the “enemy” is up to gives you ample opportunity to create strategic alternatives.

Industry-Qualified Mechanics

The next step in making sure your shop runs smoothly is having automotive technicians on your team who are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. These trained professionals are experts in vehicle repair, parts and service distribution of the automotive industry.

Because they’re experts, these auto industry service pros are incredibly time-efficient. They replace the need to train new, inexperienced workers.  Additionally, your clients will feel like they know your workers when they keep seeing the same familiar face repairing their vehicle.

Set Limits For Employees

Now, sadly, some mechanics don’t know how to deal with clients and customers – and that’s okay. Each of us are have our own unique skills that we’ve mastered over the years.

That’s why you might be tempted to hire a mechanic or two who is good with customer and personal services. Don’t. While there are upsides to wearing many hats… the more time your mechanics spend dealing with customers and interacting with your clients is— no surprise—less time they spend repairing automobiles. Let your workers who are good with their hands do the dirty work while your workers with good people skills deal with people.

Management Software

No auto-repair shop is worth their weight in steel if employees don’t keep up with the times. For example: you most likely know about driverless vehicles. But do you know what technologies (such as IVI and ADAS) go into manufacturing these self-driving cars? Or how about tech that lets drivers read data on windshields? Only a few years ago The Washington Post revealed that Hyundai, Volvo and BMW installed tech that made information—such as speed, directions and Facebook alerts—available on car windshields.

Clearly, our industry is evolving at a rapid rate. That’s why a having a high-quality shop management system is essential for making your shop run smoothly. The systems are designed to save you time by streamlining which areas need improvement and attention. These systems are designed to cut down on wasting time taking inventory, keeping track of parts, scheduling appointments (and even estimating labour).

Get A Qualified Accountant

Every company, regardless of stature or prominence, needs a qualified accountant to make sure your finances remain in tip-top shape. Instead of hiring 2 or 3 book-keepers, consider hiring an accountant that understands your business that’s educated in your business.


Remember, maximise your repair shop’s productivity by having one or two qualified workers working on their area of expertise. This cuts down on the amount of employees you have. There’s no sense having a team of experts doing more than one section of their expertise.

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