Sunday, August 9, 2020

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5 Latest Tips You Can Learn When Attending Career Fair

Whether you’re about to clear your graduation, have already finished or are in hunt of a new job, you’ve taken your future into your controls by attending a career fair.

You may have received some advice about your LinkedIn profile while you were there. Maybe you have received some feedback on your resume or a few of interview practice tips. Or maybe, you even got an excuse to have a concise discussion with potential employers.

Before you begin patting yourself on the back for how well everything worked, wait. You’re not prepared yet.

“After attending a career fair, you want to be ready to walk out with confidence and assuming like you did the right things, such as conferred yourself positively, networked, had an immeasurable understanding of job positions and made a significant impression. Though that’s just the first step.

So here are five latest tips you can learn when attending career fair.

  1. Get Organized

    Since you apparently networked with several different people, it’s necessary to stay organized and maintain track of all your potential job leads. You’ll require creating a document that grips track of all the human resource recruiters and agents you spoke with. Make sure to incorporate their business card information, and any notes you may have jotted down about your discussion. If you did not take notes throughout the career market, it’s ok to express down some now; it’s necessary for you to remember points about the conversation. Also, once you’ve applied for a position, update the record with the day you applied.

  1. Follow-Up With Employers

    At the career fair you were certainly concentrating on various business cards as you could, and presently it’s necessary to follow-up with the recruiting contacts you met. Send an email, thank you note or make a phone call.

    Make sure you’re following up is well written and uses proper grammar. If you had a good conversation, make a note of something you addressed at the career fair.

    You should make sure to specify something specific from your conversation with them that the recruiter will remember you by.

    Don’t make your follow-up random. Go to the company’s website and discover specific positions that you could relate to and mention that in your follow-up as well.


  • Tie your skill sets to meet the open position
  • Always let them understand you are passionate to pursue the status and work for the company
  • Tell them what places their company apart from others
  • Explain how this is actually what you’re looking for, and you value their input from communicating to them at the event

If you don’t identify an open position, obtain if there is a chance to volunteer or intern, or if there is some way for you to discover more about the company.

  1. Make Sure Your Linkedin Profile Is Polished

    If you involved with someone at the career exhibition to review your LinkedIn profile, make certain it is as refined and thorough as can be. Reach out to prior employers, administrators, and instructors for guidance. Then, connect with the business or recruiter via LinkedIn.

  1. Try To Keep The Connection

    Determined by the recruiter or company’s acknowledgment, you may require sending an email or note occasionally to encounter base and let them know you are affected and if they will have anything open in the future. Your strength also asks if they can hold onto your resume as a prospective interest. Make assured to only communicate them in moderation, and let them understand you are very excited.

  1. Make Certain Updates To Your Resume

    If you received a resume evaluation at the career fair, make the necessary changes.

    Make certain to follow-up on your resume changes, and if you want, reach out to a career services advisor later. It is important to have several people read your resume; you can never have enough eyes look at it.

Practice in the mirror, with an important other—practice with whoever it may be, but keep practicing those interview questions.

Dr. Amarendra Bhushan Dhiraj
CEO and editorial director of the CEOWORLD magazine, an extensively kudized author, noted journalist, syndicated columnist, and ostensible entrepreneur. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook or connect on LinkedIn.