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Meet The Arab world’s Most Influential Women On Social Media

With over 20 million followers on Instagram, Huda Kattan, the beauty blogger-turned-YouTube guru turned Instagram star,  is the most popular social media celebrities in the Arab world.  If there’s a woman in the Arab world leading the way when it comes to building your personal brand through social media, it’s Huda Kattan.

The Arab women making themselves heard online – here’s a closer look at the 10 most influential female on social media in the Arab world, according to the ranking.  A brand new generation of Arab women are taking to social-media to have their voices heard. In the process, they are creating slick, proficient and marketable online content, and giving traditional broadcast media a run for its money.

10 Most Powerful Arab Women on Social Media

  1. Huda Kattan (23.8 Million) – CEO and Founder of Huda Beauty, Huda Kattan is a Hollywood trained makeup artist and beauty consultant based in Dubai. You can follow huda Kattan on Instagram and Facebook. Heads a namesake makeup line and is introducing a Huda Beauty emoji collection called Hudamoji this spring.
  2. Joelle Mardinian (9.3 Million) – A beauty & make up artist, entrepreneur, and TV Host. Founder & CEO of Joelle Group is a leading beauty business in the Arab world, a successful multi conglomerate with businesses in clinical and cosmetic beauty through Maison de Joelle, Clinica Joelle and Joelle Paris. You can follow Joelle on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.
  3. Hayla Al Ghazal (7 Million) – Hayla is the founder of Hayla Couture boutique in Wafi Mall Dubai. You can follow Hayla on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.
  4. Chef Manal Alalem (5.5 Million) – world famous Arabic chef. Chef Manal Alalem is a culinary icon in the global Arabic community. She has produced and hosted her own TV cooking show, opened educational cooking centers in multiple Arabic nations, and authored best-selling cookbooks published throughout the world in many languages including English. You can follow Chef Manal Alalem on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.
  5. Noha Nabil (5 Million) – a Kuwaiti TV presenter. You can follow Noha Nabil on Instagram and Twitter.
  6. Darin Al Bayed (4.2 Million) – a Lebanese, Saudi-raised creator whose channel AnaWHeya (‘Me and Her’) has 450,000 subscribers and 30 million views, acts out conversations between men and women from each perspective in a lighthearted yet incisive manner. You can follow Darin Al Bayed on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  7. Taim AlFalasi (3.1 Million) – an online media personality. She received her visual communications Bachelor degree from Zayed University. During her time in college, Taim started her two humanitarian campaigns and published her online entertainment magazine. You can follow Taim Alfalasi on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.
  8. Njoud Al Shammari (2.7 Million) – a 21-year old Saudi lifestyle and comedy vlogger with 1.35 million viewers, she is the first Saudi female creator to cross a million subscribers with videos that range from comedy and makeup tips to funny tutorials. You can follow Njoud Al Shammari on Instagram and YouTube.
  9. Sondos Alqattan (2.4 Million) -a Kuwaiti makeup artist and Instagram sensation, Sondos Alqattan has grown to become one of the most important regional influencers in the Arab world. You can follow Sondos Alqattan on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.
  10. Nora Bo Awadh (2.3 Million) – Saudi Arabia-based Nora Bo Awadh is one of the top makeup artists in the country.  You can follow Nora on Instagram and YouTube.

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