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Executive MBA Program – Offers Lucrative Career Path

Are you tired of doing the same work day in day out? Do you think promotion is evading you? In that case you can opt for an executive MBA course. These MBA courses are meant for professionals with experience.

Executive MBA – Meaning

Unlike regular MBA programs, an executive MBA program is not meant for 12 pass outs. It is a program specially designed for experienced professionals, such as managers, working executives and other business leaders.

Sometimes, professionals pursue PGDM course on a part – time basis. That also falls under the executive category. View current Business school rankings from the CEOWORLD magazine.

Executive MBA – Career Options

The career of an executive MBA changes after he completes the course. He might continue working in the same position as before but, his responsibilities are going to increase. And he can try to get promotion in his current field. He could also explore new avenues in the career ladder.

By going through MET’s guide on PGDM you can learn more about the career options of executive MBA and post graduate degree in MBA. After you complete your course in executive MBA, you can try your luck in other avenues of the government and corporate sector. With an array of career options, you also have the ability and the certificate to look after multiple processes.

# Finance

In the finance sector, an executive MBA can become a financial analyst. You collect data to examine the investments and the growth of the company. If you choose to become an accounting manager, you can handle auditing and tax reporting duties. The position of a chief financial officer, corporate controller and corporate treasurer are other careers in the finance side.

# Marketing

As product manager you are responsible for enhancing the profit line of a product. You have to oversee several divisions in a company in order to have an efficient hold on the workflow and increase the efficacy of your team members. By pursuing an executive MBA program in marketing you can become a new product specialist. Besides your own responsibilities you become a specialist in an emerging product.  You introduce multiple marketing programs and keeps customers satisfied.

# Human Resource
Since, you are a working individual you are likely to go for a part time MBA course. After the executive course is completed you can become an employee relations specialist, restructuring analyst or even a retention manager. If you want to know more about executive MBA or PGDM in the human resource sector, you should read bubblews.com tips on studying part time MBA.

# Information Systems

An experienced executive MBA pass out manages the work of computer programmers, developers, computer system analysts and maintenance engineers. He also has the responsibility to control the networking issues, implementation of systems and projects linked to hardware plus software upgrades.

# Operations Management

If you want to have promotion in the production or manufacturing sector, you should go for an executive course in operations management. A professional interested in the service industry can become an efficient operations manager. You will have the responsibility of creating technical objectives of the company. You will find out strategies to simplify the process of production and to optimize the development of product. You have to stick to the budgets of the company and adhere to company rules for making decisions in your department.

It is therefore, imperative that if you want to enter advanced career options or want to get promoted in your field, you should try the executive MBA program. The only thing you need is at least five years of experience because unlike a regular MBA course this does not cater to a student or a professional early in his career.

Written by Elvia Montgomery is an experienced writer in executive MBA and has advised several aspirants to choose their career paths.

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