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5 Top Sporting Events You Must Never Miss

Many people are very enthusiastic about one sport or the other.  Sports tournaments organizers know this and in an effort not to disappoint their fans, they put a lot of money into every tournament to bring you an experience you will never forget.

Below are five of the top sporting events in the world:

1 – UEFA champions league

UEFA Champions’ League is an European league, featuring clubs such as Liverpool, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, AC Milan, Manchester United and others.  It is one of the most popular sports events in the world. Reports indicate that the league had the most widely viewed sports event in 2013, with a viewership of 320 million people globally.

The champions’ league takes place annually, where teams play against each other with the ultimate goal being to claim the European Champion Clubs’ Cup. Winners and runners-up also get gold and silver medals and millions in prize money with all these prizes awarded at different levels in the league games.

The champions’ league is marred with controversy and sporting disasters, and you can watch some of them on examiners news on worst sporting disasters.
This just goes to show the amount of passion that soccer fans have for their favorite clubs. Needless to say, the league organizers institute penalties on fans, players and clubs, to bring order to the league.

2 – Monaco F1 – If you want to experience the thrill of high-performance speed racing, Monaco is the place for you to be. This even has a rich history, dating back to 1929.  The event is annual. This year, Monaco F1 is slated for the 21st to 24th of May. You must absolutely plan a trip to Monaco and experience the high-octane 4 day event.

3 – NBA

Though the NBA league has American roots, it is an inspirational league for many basketball players all over the world, an aspect that has seen the NBA teams lining up feature players from continents like Asia, Africa and Europe.

Each year, the NBA provides you a wide array of events such as the all-star games, the summer league and NBA playoffs, all of which are full of iconic moments. You can check your sports guides to find out when these games will happen. In addition, you can check most iconic moments in sports through our guide.

4 – Tour de France

Tour de France happens every July in France. The first event took place in 1903 and it has grown to be popular all over the world.  Each race happens in stages. The 2015 tour de France will kick off from Utrecht Netherlands on the 4th of July and will continue in different stages across Netherlands and France.

5 – Cricket World Cup

The Cricket World Cup, organized after every four years, proves the global popularity of this sport. The Cricket Council has 10 permanent members, some of whom have been in the organization since early 20th century. World Cup games occur in these permanent member countries. New Zealand and Australia hosted the 2015 Cricket World Cup, in which Australia emerged the winners.
The next world cup will be in 2019 in England.

Written by Jack Dawson  had been a travel blogger for 7 years. His most favorite thing to do when travelling is to attend sports events where he captures iconic moments. Visit eventraveler.com to know more about Jack.

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