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What Does The Average Super-Rich Billionaire Look Like In 2014: Fun Facts?

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So if it’s your dream to become a billionaire, a burning question on your mind; what does the average ultra-wealthy billionaire look like in the year 2014?

Well, latest Wealth-X and USB Billionaire Census Report, which gives an in-depth accounting of the world’s richest people, attempt to answer that question.

There are a record 2,325 billionaires in the world today, 155 new billionaires, up 7% from the previous year. Their total wealth increased 12 percent in the same period to $7.3 trillion.

As might be expected, men account for 2,039 of billionaires worldwide (with just 286 being women) and $6.4 trillion of their combined wealth.

So What Does The Average Super-Rich Billionaire Look Like In 2014? 

– The average billionaire is male, 63 years old and married with 2 children.

– The average  billionaire has a net worth of around $3.1 billion.

– Education is important but not always required: Not all billionaires have a wall full of degrees. In fact, the report states that 35% of global billionaires do not have bachelor’s degrees.

– Made their fortunes themselves – close to about 60 percent of average  male billionaires fully made their fortunes themselves, and another 27 percent have at least partly made their money themselves.

They’re mostly male: Just 286 of them are women.

– Did not reach the $1 billion threshold until their late 40s.

– The average billionaire has a friend circle worth an estimated $16 billion.

– The average billionaire owns 4 properties worth some $94 million altogether.

– Most ultra-wealthy billionaires (68.3%) are passionate about sport with outdoor pursuits like fishing, hunting, skiing, and yachting.

– The average super-rich billionaire have a large social network, with 3 of their close friends or connections also being billionaires, 9 ultra-high net worth individuals, and will normally travel to World Economic Forum, Cannes Film Festival, and the PGA Championship throughout the year.





Davos World Economic Forum (Switzerland)

Art Stage (Singapore)

Snow Polo World Cup (Switzerland)


Berlinale – Berlin Film Festival (Germany)

Gran Ballo Della Cavalchina (Italy)

Fashion weeks (United Kingdom, Italy, United States and France)


Dubai World Cup (United Arab Emirates)

Cricket World Cup (Australia)

Art Basel Hong Kong (Honk Kong)


Milken Institute Global United State Conference (United States)

Antigua Sailing Week (Antigua)

US Masters Golf (United States)

Singapore Yacht Show (Singapore)


Cannes Film Festival (France)

Kentucky Derby (United States)

Frieze Art New York (United States)

Venice Biennale (Italy)

Monaco Grand Prix (Monaco)


G8 Summit (Germany)

Art Basel (Switzerland)

Roland Garros (France)

Royal Ascot (United KIngdom)


Henley Royal Regatta (United KIngdom)

Wimbledon Tennis (United KIngdom)

Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland)


Venice Film Festival (Italy)

PGA Championship (United States)

Clipper around the world Leg 1 (United KIngdon/Latin America and the Caribbean)


Singapore Grand Prix (Singapore)

Monaco Yacht Show (Monaco)


Rugby World Cup Final (United KIngdom)


APEC meeting (Phillipines)

Melbourne Cup (Australia)


Imperial Ball (Austria)

St Barts New Year Celebrations (St. Barthelemy)

Result: You are 63 old male, married with 2 kids, have $600 million in cash, have spent $160million on luxury goods and enjoy a round of golf – then you are probably part of one of the mega rich club that makes up only 0.0003% of the population.

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