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Virgin’s Richard Branson Gives His Employees Unlimited Vacation

Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson, the billionaire boss of Virgin Group, announced on his blog that he’s giving his whole personal staff unlimited vacation days to boost morale and productivity.

There’s no catch, the business magnate wrote. It may sound like a dream.

And the most awesome boss award goes to Richard Branson!!!

His staff can “take off whenever they want for as long as they want,” he said on his website – as long as they feel up-to-date on every project and their absence does not hurt the firm.

He added that employees don’t need to ask for approval, nor say when they planned to return, nor are their managers requested to keep track of their days away from work.

The new rules apply to around 170 staff at the Virgin head offices in the UK and the US, whereas the 50,000 employees of the larger Virgin Group won’t enjoy the same policy.

The billionaire businessman said in his note if it’s successful, he’ll encourage all Virgin companies in which he holds a stake  to adopt the policy as well.

He made the decision after his daughter Holly told him how online streaming firm Netflix did not have an annual leave policy, meaning staff can be away from the office whenever they want.

Is he the coolest boss ever?

BRB, sending my résumé to Sir Richard Branson – Amarendra Bhushan

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