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An abandoned Berlin Amusement Park: Spreepark (Kulturpark) in Germany (PHOTOS)

Spreepark (Kulturpark) amusement park Berlin Germany

The Spreepark was an amusement park located in the Treptow-Kopenick Disctrict of Berlin, in Germany. Totally Creepy, cool, and Completely Awesome!!!

It opened its doors in 1969 ( a roughly 73-acre entertainment park) under the name “Kulturpark Plänterwald” and it remained the sole permanent theme park of East Germany.

After the reunification of 1989, it was the only amusement park of the city of Berlin until it went bankrupt in 2001.

During the Soviet era, approximately 1.7 million people visited the park annually. After the fall of the Berlin wall, more modern rides were added, the park’s design took an american accent, and the number of visitors declined gradually. Only 400,000 enthusiasts came to the park during its last year of operation.

The movie Hanna was filmed there and, from 2011 to 2014, it was possible to get a guided tour of the amusement park. The city of Berlin bought the park last March and stopped the tours altogether. A presumedly criminal fire consumed what was left of the park on August 10. All is left from these rides are images and memories.

Check out the very cool and very creepy Abandoned Theme Park in Germany, preepark (Kulturpark) below:

These shots were taken by Sebastien Ernest, Martin Harwardt, Peter Wehn, Ralf Wendrich et Robin Joensu from 2012 to 2014 via CrowdMedia.

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