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List of Top 10 Rare and Unusual Trees- Most Exotic & Amazing Trees

Here is a CEOWORLD Magazine List of Top 10 Rare and Unusual Trees- Most Exotic & Amazing Trees:

1) Dragon Tree, Canary Islands (Dracaena draco)- IcodInitially single stemmed, the plant’s trunk forks after flowering at age 10+years. The forking continues throughout its life, to produce the dramatic fractal branching and umbrella-like outlines of old trees. Because there are no annual rings, it is not possible to accurately ascertain the age of trees – in the past some of the large specimens were thought to be considerably older than they in fact were. It is possible that the famously large and somewhat senescent specimen at Icod de los Vinos in Tenerife is between 350 and 700 years old.

2) Wollemi Pine, Australia- This is a story about one of the world’s rarest and most ancient tree species. Incredibly, it narrowly escaped extinction, yet it will soon be offered to home gardeners so we can grow our own. It’s a wollemi pine, a member of the Araucaria family, which also includes the kauri, bunya, hoop and Norfolk Island pines. It’s a conifer, but a very curious one.

3) Silk Cotton Trees of Ta Prohm, Cambodia

4) Tule Tree of Oaxaca, Mexico

5) General Sherman of Sequoia National Park

6) Baobab Tree, Madagascar

7) Wawona ‘Drive-Through’ Tree

8) Chapel Oak of Allouville-Bellefosse

9) Tree of Life, Bahrain

10) Pirangi Cashew Tree, Brazil

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