Infographics: All You Need to Know About Freehold Properties
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Kat is a writer with a passion for Content Marketing. She has experience in writing all forms of copy from guest editorial, press releases and blogs, to copy for landing pages. As well as creating content she thinks outside of the box when it comes to finding that content the right home in order to generate online coverage for our clients.

Kat’s love for story comes from a life long love affair with film. She studied a Screenwriting masters at Leeds Metropolitan University and is a self confessed cinephile. Outside of work she spends her time watching films, taking photos and sampling cocktails in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

To complement her Content and Outreach skills, Kat is expanding her knowledge of technical SEO and Social Media management.
Kat Kynes

Infographics: All You Need to Know About Freehold Properties

by 11/14/2016

There was once a time when the housing market was something of a volatile one. However, the modern world of freehold properties is now something of a lively one, and this can be attributed to the quick exchanges that buyers

Female Entrepreneurs Abandon Cottage Industry for Professional Services

by 05/17/2016

Creative pursuits are not a popular option for female business owners, with the majority working in the professional services sector, research reveals. Reed Commercial have conducted a OnePoll survey of more than 100 female business owners that reveals more than

Salary is the top attraction for candidates

by 05/12/2016

A new survey has revealed the biggest attraction for more than three-quarters of candidates looking for work is the salary. The OnePoll survey, conducted by Laudale, asked 1,000 employees what would attract them to work for a company. A massive

Protect your intellectual property with a patent

by 05/03/2016

Intellectual property is a tricky business. Companies and individuals spend many years and great amounts of money creating and developing new products which are in many instances incredibly valuable. Yet, if a company takes these products public without a patent,

The five benefits of working from home

by 04/20/2016

Working from home gives employees a range of benefits, from flexibility to ditching the daily commute and achieving a better work-life balance, research reveals. In a recent survey, run by Reed Commercial, 400 home workers were asked about the benefits

Methods of communication between recruiters and candidates

by 03/31/2016

UK recruitment industry is at its most competitive level. More candidates than ever are finding employment with the help of recruitment agents. As a result, newer strategies and efforts are being explored to improve the communication between candidates and recruiters.

Infographic: Content Marketing Advice for 2016

by 03/24/2016

Content marketing is a term that we hear so often and for many is both the present and future of marketing. With many organisations now leaving behind traditional methods of marketing, we believe content marketing has become a significant subject

Infographic: 2015 Global Recruiting Trends

by 06/08/2015

In order to have a successful 2015, talent acquisition leaders and recruiters need to ensure they’re up to date with the latest recruitment trends. Luckily for you, LinkedIn has recently published the results from its Global Recruiting Trends report, which