America’s Top 25 E-commerce Retailers By Sales

America’s Top 25 E-commerce Retailers By Sales

Dominated by Jeff Bezos’s online behemoth, of the total $201 billion in retail E-commerce sales in the United States, the following top 20 companies currently accounts for $159 billion of US retail sales overall, with Amazon, Walmart, Apple, Macy’s, and the Home Depot taking the top five spots. The data are based on a sampling of roughly 180 US retail companies

It’s worth noting that Amazon’s e-commerce sales are $79.3 billion while Walmart has $13.5 billion, and Apple totals $12 billion, according to eMarketer. Analysts expect e-commerce sales in the United States to continue growing by 10 to 12 percent year-over-year.

These are the 25 American E-commerce retailers (ranked by annual sales)

Company:E-commerce Sales (in U.S.
E-commerce Share of Total Sales:
2. Wal-Mart Stores Inc.$13,4842.8%
3. Apple$12,0005.1%
4. Macy’s$4,82917.5%
5. The Home Depot$4,2675.0%
6. Best Buy$3,7809.4%
7. QVC$3,72242.7%
8. Costco Wholesale$3,6183.1%
9. Nordstrom$2,69918.9%
10. Target$2,5243.4%
11. Gap Inc.$2,51915.6%
12. Williams-Sonoma$2,50150.7%
13. Staples$2,38411.1%
14. Kohl’s$2,36712.4%
15. Sears Holdings$2,0577.9%
16. Wayfair$1,919100.0%
17. Walgreens$1,8831.7%
18. L Brands$1,81615.4%
19. HSN$1,81049.2%
20. Groupon$1,74756.0%
22. Lowe’s$1,6362.8%
23. Victoria’s Secret (L Brands)$1,48519.9%
24. Nike$1,4104.5%
25. Neiman Marcus$1,38927.4%

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