Sunday, April 14, 2024

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Francesco Pagano
Executive Insider

The ten rules of loyalty marketing you did not know you needed.

We are talking to you, brand people! You may think of loyalty marketing as old school. Yes, it manifests itself as the usual collection of points or the reach for the platinum tier. Yes, most points are being left unused, representing a strong liability on a company’s P&L. Now, think...
Diana Kander
Executive Insider

Step Back to Move Forward: Making Space for Growth and Innovation

Unlocking innovation requires a strategic approach. This article explores unconventional methods to enhance creativity, suggesting practices like scheduling strategic retreats, preventing burnout among innovators through flexible schedules, advocating intentional leadership distance to foster psychological security, and encouraging a focus on smaller victories to achieve significant breakthroughs. By stepping back momentarily,...
Leo Bottary
Executive Insider

Cause and Effect

At the end of 2023, I identified the three words that would guide me for 2024: Reflection, Intention, and Invention. To that end, I decided to put this declaration into practice for my first 2024 CEOWORLD Magazine article by reflecting on a story from my past and tying it to...
Lisa Towles
Executive Insider

Mastering a New Leadership Terrain

After the turmoil of the past few years, we’ve seen tectonic shifts in everything from organizational behavior to employee priorities. Most notably, macro and micro changes are emerging in leadership expectations and skillsets.  With a sharper focus now on mental wellness, there’s more value placed on a leader’s self-awareness, intentionality,...
Corporate Event
Executive Insider

Level Up Your Corporate Events to Connect With Diverse Personalities

Creating successful corporate events in the post-pandemic era looks slightly different. You must cater to diverse attendee personalities by ensuring meaningful connections. To ensure excellence, challenge your perceptions, personalize engagement through personas, and foster individualized networking opportunities. It’s no secret that events are back. Although they might not look the...
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