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Christina Miller

Christina Miller

Associate News Editor at CEOWORLD Magazine. I lead the reporting team that covers US financial services and I write a business column for the opinion section. I write news pieces about the US and European market for start-ups and interview CEOs for our interview slot. I also presented one of the CEOWORLD magazine's early podcast hits, Money Stories, in which I persuadeded notable CEOs to share insights into the breaking news, moments of crisis and key decisions that enabled them to build successful international companies.
Black Hawk helicopter
Tech and Innovation

Ranked: Countries with the largest active combat helicopter fleet worldwide in 2024

The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine highlights the significance of helicopters in modern warfare. Both sides in this protracted dispute have endeavored to gain the upper hand, but no significant progress has been made so far. Russia has been launching attacks on Ukrainian cities through airstrikes, missiles, and drones,...
Alex Milman-Blum CEO and Founder, Peoplr
CEO Spotlight

From humble automation tool to global expansion: How Peoplr & Alex Milman are redefining Customer Development

Peoplr pioneer in transforming customer development, offering innovative solutions from its inception. Operating across diverse markets, including the challenging terrains of the US and Europe, Peoplr has carved a niche for itself, becoming a beacon of innovation and client-centric strategies.   From the echoes of a childhood surrounded by entrepreneurial spirit,...
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Stats Gate

Richest People in Austria, 2024

As of 19 March 2024, Mark Mateschitz was estimated as the wealthiest person in Austria, with a net worth of around $39.4 billion, followed by Georg Stumpf (No. 2, $12.5 billion), Johann Graf (No. 3, $7.1 billion); and Helmut Sohmen (No. 4, $6.4 billion). Reinold Geiger is the fifth-richest person...
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