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Which countries are buying the most Black Hawk helicopters?

Sikorsky UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters

The UH-60 Black Hawk, a groundbreaking helicopter introduced by Sikorsky Aircraft in 1979, has earned its status as one of the world’s most widely utilized military aircraft. It is an indispensable asset to the US Army and other global military forces, excelling in many essential roles such as search and rescue, surveillance, troop transport, and close-air support.

The SH-60 Seahawk is a significant variant of the Black Hawk and is extensively utilized by the U.S. Navy and Indian Navy. This multi-mission maritime helicopter excels in anti-submarine warfare and search and rescue missions. Additionally, it is proficient in anti-surface warfare, surveillance, and logistics. Armed with torpedoes, depth charges, and anti-ship missiles, the Seahawk is well-equipped to handle diverse threats. CEOWORLD magazine thoroughly examines which countries are purchasing the most Black Hawk helicopters.

Countries buying the most Black Hawk helicopters

RankCountryOn orderActiveBlack Hawk variantsMilitary branches
1United States4552853S-70/EH/UH-60A/L, S-70/EH/HH/MH/UH-60, S-70/HH-60G/U/W/MH-60GUnited States Air Force, United States Army, United States Navy
2Saudi Arabia20381S-70/HH/UH-60M, S-70/i/UH-60L/M, S-70/MH-60RRoyal Saudi Air Force, Saudi Arabian National Guard, Royal Saudi Land Forces, Royal Saudi Navy
3Greece5611S-70/MH-60R, S-70/UH-60Hellenic Army Aviation, Hellenic Navy
4Australia5026S-70/MH-60R, S-70/UH-60MRoyal Australian Army, Royal Australian Navy
5Philippines3215S-70iPhilippine Air Force
6Japan25214S-70/SH-60J/K/UH-60J, S-70/UH-60J, S-70/UH-60JAJapan Air Self-Defence Force, Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force, Japan Ground Self-Defence Force
7Indonesia240S-70iIndonesian Army
8India186S-70/MH-60RIndian Navy
9South Korea12139S-70/HH-60P, S-70/MH-60R/UH-60P, S-70/UH-60L/PRepublic of Korea Air Force, Republic of Korea Army, Republic of Korea Navy
10Taiwan1261S-70/MH-60R, S-70/UH-60MRepublic of China Air Force, Republic of China Army, Republic of China Navy
11Spain818S-70/SH-60B/F/MH-60RSpanish Naval Aviation
12Mexico724S-70/MH-60R/UH-60M, S-70/UH-60MMexican Air Force, Mexican Navy
13Lithuania60S-70/UH-60MLithuanian Air Force
14Norway60S-70/MH-60RRoyal Norwegian Air Force
15Austria39S-70A/UH-60MAustrian Air Force
16Brazil326S-70, S-70/UH-60L/MBrazilian Army, Brazilian Navy, Brazilian Air Force
17Latvia13S-70/UH-40MLatvian Air Force

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Special Reports - Which countries are buying the most Black Hawk helicopters?

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