Friday, June 14, 2024
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Jim Simon Named Oceana’s CEO to Lead Global Ocean Advocacy

Oceana has announced the appointment of James (Jim) Simon as its next Chief Executive Officer. Assuming leadership on July 1, 2024, Simon will oversee Oceana’s operations in nine countries and the European Union, guiding a team of over 250 staff members. He succeeds Andrew Sharpless, whose visionary leadership shaped Oceana’s trajectory for over two decades, resulting in more than 300 policy victories in ocean conservation worldwide.

Oceana is a premier international advocate for ocean conservation, and with over 300 victories addressing overfishing, habitat destruction, pollution, and species protection, Oceana’s impact reverberates across nations. This decision follows an extensive eight-month global search and precedes the retirement of Andrew Sharpless, Oceana’s esteemed CEO. Sara Lowell, Oceana Board Member and head of the CEO search committee reaffirms the selection process’s inclusivity and transparency, affirming Simon’s alignment with Oceana’s values and global mission.

Sam Waterston, Oceana’s Board Chair, underscores the organization’s commitment to impactful advocacy with Simon’s appointment, emphasizing Oceana’s role as a leading force in ocean restoration. Simon, Oceana’s longstanding President and now CEO, expresses gratitude for the opportunity to continue serving alongside the organization’s dedicated team and supporters. He pledges to amplify coastal communities’ voices and champion initiatives to safeguard ocean resources amid pressing environmental challenges.

During his tenure as President, Simon spearheaded significant fundraising growth and led multifaceted campaigns across various nations. His contributions have been instrumental in Oceana’s expansion into new territories, including Brazil, Canada, Peru, and the Philippines. Simon brings a wealth of experience from diverse sectors, including management consulting, legal advocacy, and governmental roles. A Harvard Law School graduate and former editor of the Harvard Law Review, Simon’s professional journey encompasses pivotal positions at McKinsey & Company, the New York City Law Department, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the Department of Justice.


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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Banking and Finance - Jim Simon Named Oceana’s CEO to Lead Global Ocean Advocacy

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