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Lisa Frank Takes the Helm at Derris in the Role of CEO

In a strategic move heralding a new era for Derris, co-founder Lisa Frank ascends to the role of CEO, succeeding her counterpart Jesse Derris.

With an illustrious journey since Derris’ inception, Frank reflects on the evolution that led to this pivotal moment. She envisions new avenues to challenge and innovate within the company’s dynamic landscape.

Jesse Derris, transitioning to the role of Chief Strategy Officer at Orchestra, Derris’ rebranded parent company, underscores Frank’s preparedness and integral role in steering Derris towards continued success. Recognizing her as a partner since the company’s inception, Derris articulates his confidence in Frank’s leadership, affirming that Derris will thrive under her stewardship.

Navigating through the dynamic landscape of the DTC sector, Frank emphasizes Derris’ steadfast commitment to narrative-driven strategies and brand differentiation. Anchored in the ethos of meaningful storytelling, Derris remains poised to navigate the evolving tides of consumer engagement, fueled by its unwavering dedication to elevating brands with purposeful narratives.

Derris, established in 2013, garnered renown in the fashion sphere for its trailblazing work with early direct-to-consumer trailblazers such as Glossier and Warby Parker. Departing from conventional fashion PR norms, Derris pioneered a holistic approach centered on brand identity and visual storytelling.

Acquired by PR and marketing firm BerlinRosen in 2022, Derris extended its reach within the consumer brands sector, a move emblematic of its strategic evolution. Frank’s appointment as CEO coincides with BerlinRosen Holdings’ rebranding as Orchestra, symbolizing a harmonious synergy among its eight constituent agencies.

While Derris’ legacy is rooted in its collaboration with DTC luminaries, its portfolio now spans a diverse array of industry giants, including Google and Nike. Nonetheless, the DTC sector remains pivotal, with clients like Reformation and Bombas driving double-digit revenue growth in 2023.


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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Banking and Finance - Lisa Frank Takes the Helm at Derris in the Role of CEO

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