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Fashion Brands That Are Actually Made in America

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American shoppers are accustomed to finding labels on the inside back of their garments indicating where they were made, typically in a foreign country. This is common as many local clothing companies outsource their production overseas to take advantage of the cheaper labor force available.

Asia is the largest mass producer of clothes sold to U.S. consumers. The continent is from where about two-thirds of imports originate, and China accounts for most of the clothes made. Countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Bangladesh follow China.

In North America, Mexico is the leading clothing manufacturer for American consumers. Honduras and Turkey are also notable sources. U.S. consumers generally purchase approximately 20 million clothing items annually, and roughly 2 percent of that figure is manufactured Stateside. 

CEOWorld Magazine has confirmed in an article that clothing labels manufactured in the United States still exist, even with the widespread outsourcing business practices of wardrobe companies. The magazine has provided an alphabetically arranged list of 24 clothing brands that are still made in the United States.

  1. All American Clothing Company
    All American Clothing Company makes unisex apparel, accessories, and footwear. Shoppers will find top-quality flannel shirts, t-shirts, jeans, socks, and more from the shop of this Arcanum, Ohio-based clothing manufacturer. All American Clothing Company is guided by its ethos: “American made. Crafted with pride.” Its mission is to support American families and employment through making high-quality clothing in the country at affordable costs.
  2. American Giant
    Consumers who support US clothing brands will find American Giant appealing. After all, this maker of premium-quality unisex casual clothing and sportswear has its production site in San Francisco, California. With American Giant’s brand motto, it encourages customers to discover US-made activewear, essential products, and accessories.
  3. American Trench
    American Trench is a United States-based clothing manufacturer headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This company makes clothes, accessories, and footwear for men and women. Its products are intended for people’s everyday activities.
  4. Berrydog
    Although Berrydog has been selling women’s bikinis online since 1999, male consumers will also find this American clothing company’s products such as swimwear and board shorts for men appealing.  Bellevue, Washington-based Berrydog specializes in manufacturing swimsuits, such as its adventurous sheer bikinis, popular Thong and Brazilian Bikini styles, and fuller coverage Rio-style bikinis.  Moreover, this American clothing brand has expanded its offerings in recent years, with sarongs, beach cover-ups, and a tiny assortment of sultry panties and lingerie on its product list.
  5. Big Bud Press
    As a unisex clothing maker, Big Bud Press’s company ethos is taking pride in its local and ethical clothes-making practices. US consumers who seek proudly American-made products will find this Los Angeles, California-headquartered company’s shirts, pants, jumpsuits, bags, and other offerings worth buying.
  6. Bills Khakis
    US-based male consumers who want high-quality, locally-made clothing will adore Bills Khakis’s products. This Reading, Pennsylvania-based men’s apparel specialist offers high-quality shorts, jackets, shirts, belts, and more.
  7. Brave Star Selvage
    Brave Star Selvage started its operations in 2005. This American clothing manufacturer is in El Segundo, California. Brave Star Selvage serves its male client base by offering American-made heritage workwear and denim.
  8. Camber Sportswear
    Proudly US-made clothes are, indeed, still available nowadays with Camber Sportswear. This US-based clothing label in Norristown, Pennsylvania makes a vast range of active clothing for sports and work and heavyweight outerwear. Consumers will find Camber Sportswear’s premium-quality apparel designed for women, men, and children worthy of their hard-earned shopping money. Camber Sportswear specializes in tall and big sizes of up to 7XL. Additionally, this firm manufactures its activewear in a full range of adult sizes from Small to 7XL and Extra-Tall to 7XLT.  Most Camber Sportswear items are made in 11 well-known colors and are available for immediate shipment. These products are exclusively sold to the wholesale trade, per the company.
  9. Emerson Fry
    Emerson Fry is an American clothing company that is proud to make apparel for American consumers, as demonstrated by its brand statement. It is headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and primarily manufactures clothing and footwear items for women and children.
  10. Freenote Cloth
    Freenote Cloth makes high-quality menswear. This San Juan Capistrano, California-headquartered men’s apparel maker has a flagship shop in Los Angeles. Male customers will adore Freenote Cloth’s fine-quality denim, jackets, shirts, and more.
  11. Gustin
    Gustin is a men’s clothing manufacturer headquartered in San Francisco, California. According to this firm’s management, their heavyweight sweatshirts are created in Canada. Nevertheless, all their products’ pieces, including 95 percent of their offerings, are made at their California-based factories. Gustin offers premium-quality clothing and denim for male consumers. Also available are Gustin knits, shirts, and accessories that are affordable and truly made in the USA.
  12. Imogene + Willie
    Imogene + Willie’s management are proud to be Americans and desire to help the local economy. Hence, this Nashville, Tennessee-based clothing maker stated in their motto that their simple objective is to make all their clothing products Stateside.  Consumers who want high-quality, US-made clothing will not regret availing of Imogene + Willie’s merchandise, which includes accessories and apparel for men and women.
  13. Karen Kane
    Karen Kane is a clothing manufacturer whose factory is in downtown Los Angeles, California. Patriotic female consumers who seek premium-quality wardrobes, home products, and accessories that are made in the United States will appreciate Karen Kane’s offerings.
  14. Lacausa
    Los Angeles, California is the world’s largest fashion manufacturing hub and is the headquarters of Lacausa. This women’s clothing maker has a fine collection of t-shirts, tank tops, other relaxed clothing styles, and more. Fashionistas will also love Lacausa’s sultry fitted rib styles and romantically crinkled cotton dresses.
  15. LC King
    LC King Manufacturing Company specializes in men’s workwear and apparel. In this Bristol, Tennessee-headquartered company’s motto, it confirms that all its offerings are 100 percent US-made, including the clothing parts. Meanwhile, LC King’s Wabash fabric items are made in Bristol, although the fabric is imported from Japan.
  16. Los Angeles Apparel
    Los Angeles Apparel is a clothing manufacturer in Los Angeles, California. Consumers will enjoy this company’s products designed for women, men, and children. Los Angeles Apparel believes in the power of local clothing workers’ efficiency and ethics. Hence, this US clothing brand leverages such important resources to produce its high-quality offerings.
  17. Mate
    Mate is an organic shop in Los Angeles, California specializing in women’s apparel. Female consumers who seek clothing, activewear, sleepwear, and intimates that are made from safe and natural materials will adore this company which has received more than 7,000 five-star reviews from satisfied buyers. Mate also offers men’s clothing like sweatpants and sweatshirts and children’s apparel, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, and joggers. This US clothing brand aims to spearhead the clean fashion movement. It also wants to effect modifications in the fashion industry. Mate works towards these aspirations by committing itself to organic and non-toxic materials.
  18. Michael Stars
    Michael Stars is a lifestyle retail firm headquartered in Los Angeles, California. It offers men’s and women’s fashion, with t-shirts being its primary product. Michael Stars’s management believes in the local garment workers’ skills and ensures a smaller carbon footprint, quality production, and equal salaries. Since 1986, this American apparel maker has produced more than 70 percent of its garments locally.
  19. Origin
    Origin’s brand statement is it makes its products Stateside and with no compromise. Male consumers seeking premium-quality wardrobe and footwear for fitness, hunting, and other sports like jiu-jitsu will find this Farmington, Maine-headquartered clothing manufacturer’s products first-rate and worth their hard-earned shopping money.
  20. Pendleton
    Pendleton Woolen Mills is an American clothing label based in Portland, Oregon. This textile manufacturing company opened for business in 1863. Pendleton is recognized for its woolen clothing and blankets.  This clothing maker’s main offerings are premium-quality unisex apparel and home goods, such as blankets and decor. In the United States, Pendleton owns and manages two of the few remaining woolen mills.
  21. Round House
    For 120 years, Round House has been a trusted maker of unisex and children’s apparel in the United States. This Shawnee, Oklahoma-based company offers top-quality jeans, overalls, and workwear. Additionally, Round House jackets, aprons, caps, and camos are all American-made and worthy of consumers’ hard-earned shopping money.
  22. Schott NYC
    Schott NYC is an American clothing manufacturer based in New York City. Since 1913, this company has been lauded for its top-quality unisex apparel and accessories. Schott NYC also offers wool coats, motorcycle apparel, and fine leather jackets. This American firm’s management includes the Schott Family’s third and fourth generations who make most of their clothing products locally.
  23. 3sixteen
    3sixteen is an American clothing maker based in Los Angeles, California. This manufacturer of men’s apparel, accessories, and footwear targets producing the highest-quality products. 3sixteen achieves its production goal by employing the best manufacturing practices and premium-quality fabrics and other materials.
  24. Todd Shelton
    Todd Shelton is a men’s apparel specialist headquartered in East Rutherford, New Jersey that opened for business in 2002. Its premium-quality products are manufactured exclusively in the United States. As an American fashion label, Todd Shelton’s collections are made in the company’s New Jersey headquarters. This men’s clothing brand sells its offerings exclusively online.

CEOWorld Magazine has published a list of 24 clothing brands that are still made in the United States. The list features three companies that have the word “American” in their names, which highlights their pride in being American. These companies are All American Clothing Company, American Giant, and American Trench. The article also notes that several states are home to multiple clothing manufacturers, with Tennessee being the base of two clothing brands and Pennsylvania hosting three. Overall, the list showcases American-made clothing brands and the states that support this industry.

CEOWorld Magazine has published a list of 24 American clothing brands that still produce their products in the United States. This list shows that certain companies remain committed to supporting the American economy by keeping their labor resources within the country. Additionally, these brands have confidence in the efficiency, ethics, and capability of local garment workers to manufacture high-quality clothing suitable for people from all walks of life and on various occasions.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Special Reports - Fashion Brands That Are Actually Made in America
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