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Ranking of the Most Valuable Football Players in the world, 2023

Erling Haaland

The market worth of a player is influenced by several elements, including their age, skill, contract status, experience, marketability, accomplishments and occasionally, the super agents that represent them. Since the top ten soccer players are all 25 years old, they will probably define the upcoming generation of superstars.

They have the capacity to get better with time and witness an increase in value. On some of the top clubs in the league, these guys are already exhibiting extremely high levels of performance.

  1. Erling Haaland – $206 Million
    Erling Braut Haaland is a name linked to spectacular goal-scoring performances. Even at such a young age, the Norwegian striker’s reputation precedes him as a predator of enormous physical prowess and pure resolve. Given his unparalleled consistency, it is not surprising that he leads this list despite his $206 million valuation. He moved to England and signed for Manchester City, where in his first season he broke the record for most goals scored in a single championship season.

    It makes sense why the striker is receiving so much acclaim and admiration from managers, analysts, and former players after his goal-scoring exploits in England. As the face of the soccer game EA Sports FC 24, Erling Haaland has partnerships with Nike, Viaplay Hyperice, Samsung, and Viaplay.

  2. Kylian Mbappé – $193 Million
    Mbappé, one of the most known faces on the planet, doesn’t need an introduction because he is a true global phenomenon. His incredible performances at the 2018 and 2022 soccer World Cups have elevated him to the status of possibly the best player in the world and increased his marketability. Mbappé is the only player to have ever scored a hat trick in a World Cup final and the youngest goal scorer in soccer history.

    In addition to being listed as one of Time magazine’s 100 most important individuals worldwide and ranking third on Forbes’ ranking of the highest-paid athletes worldwide, Mbappé is already a well-known cult figure. He has received a record-tying four votes for best player in the French championship in France.

  3. Vinícius Júnior – $166 Million
    Vinícius Júnior, a deft winger who epitomizes the Brazilian joga bonito style of play, was in the top three on this list. With his lightning-fast speed, incredible dribbling abilities, and eye for goal, Júnior lights up every game and presents a nightmare for opposing defenders. After winning Europe’s intercontinental championship with Real Madrid and enjoying such success, Júnior has already cemented his reputation as a great player. His remarkable skill set and potential are in perfect harmony with his $166 million market worth.
  4. Jude Bellingham – $161 Million
    Jude Bellingham, a young soccer pro, is one of the few young players who has had the pleasure of having their shirt number honored by their old team at such a young age. In 2020, Birmingham, his previous team, retired his number 22 shirt in honor of all that he had accomplished there.

    The English midfielder, who was praised for his aggressiveness, technically, and leadership qualities, signed a $109 million contract with Real Madrid in 2023. He settled in quickly and now has the entire stadium singing his name. Jude currently has a $161 market value, but that number will only rise as he develops his abilities and solidifies his standing internationally.

  5. Jamal Musiala – $158 Million
    Even at the young age of 20, Jamal Musiala has already established himself as one of the most promising young soccer players. Musiala, who was born in Germany to an English mother and a Nigerian father, is incredibly skilled, agile, and versatile. Having joined Bayern Munich to begin his professional career in Germany, he soon became well-known among the soccer community.

    With a $158 million market value, Musiala is untouchable in the club’s eyes. Nike and other companies, including video game developer EA Sports, have recruited Musiala as a partner.

  6. Pablo Gavi – $148 Million
    Pablo Gavi was the product of the union of skill and passion, and his competence and abilities on the field won the respect of both opponents and supporters. At Barcelona, he has already cemented his status as a patron saint. Despite having a $148 million market worth, his club included a $1 billion release clause to demonstrate his immense value. In the upcoming years, Gavi is expected to go up the list thanks to his age and ability.
  7. Bukayo Saka – $144 Million
    Referred to as “The pride of Arsenal” by the supporters of the team, his $144 million worth demonstrates how highly esteemed he is in the industry. At the age of 18, he made his professional debut at the North London club, which marked the beginning of his ascent to fame. He stands out from many of his colleagues due to his work ethic and dedication; off the field, he exudes professionalism and humility.

    Saka has partnered with Fiverr and inked a sponsorship agreement with New Balance, an American footwear and apparel business. The footballer, who is of Nigerian descent, chose to play for England internationally and has already accrued a number of caps.

  8. Phil Foden – $139 Million
    Young midfield player Phil Foden plays for Manchester City in England. He is already regarded as a leader on the team and is a dynamic player with one of the best feet in soccer. For a young athlete, Foden has already accumulated a cabinet full of awards.

    The midfield player, who trained at the Manchester City academy before making his breakthrough in 2016, is a major player on the international arena having represented England in soccer multiple times. Phil Foden is well-known for his lucrative endorsement contracts with top urban jewelry brand Cernucci and American brand Nike.

  9. Pedri Gonzalez – $137 Million
    This Spanish midfielder, who is still very young but has a mature intellect and elegance that has led to comparisons to legends, is already highly regarded even by the more experienced players in the league. Pedri joined the all-time great FC Barcelona in 2020, and since then, he has played a number of games for the team, earning cups and titles.

    Pedri took home the 2021 Kopa Trophy, which is given to the top player under 21 in the league. The teenage athlete got a big sponsorship contract with Adidas, a German sportswear business, in 2021, and serves as one of their faces.

  10. Victor Osimhen – $125 Million
    The striker, one of Nigeria’s greatest exports, is one of the most sought-after African players due to his explosive pace, aerial domination, and clinical finish. Although he started his professional career in Germany, he was born in Lagos, Nigeria. After that, he relocated to France and joined Lille, a professional team there, before making the big move to become a member of Napoli, the best team in Italy, for a club record $74 million.

    As the greatest scorer in the league, Osimhen assisted Napoli in winning their first Italian championship in thirty-three years. His value skyrocketed as a result of these accomplishments, and some of the top teams in the league started to take notice of him. He received a national honor from the president of Nigeria in recognition of his work promoting youth development.


CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Stats Gate - Ranking of the Most Valuable Football Players in the world, 2023
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