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Three Fundamental Questions From Kids

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You know how kids are full of questions, and they want to know everything? Some of their questions have complicated answers, and it is the parents’ nightmare to try to answer them. They are linked to the philosophical questions of life and death as well as metaphysics.

Let’s see what kids are so eager to find out:

  1. How did I come here?
    One of the major questions that arise in every average mind is how we got here? Kids try to explain the word from day one, and while we think we have all the answers, we really don’t. Our response to this question is practical. When kids ask this question, we always assume that we have to explain things about sex. Our answers are often complicated so that kids do not understand. Parents are usually advised to give generic answers like ”Mommy and daddy loved each other a lot, and they hugged each other before mommy got pregnant.” These kinds of answers are given because kids do not have a clear picture of the human body anatomy, and they cannot detect the differences between the two genders especially if they have not seen them both naked. Many steps have to be explained before reaching pregnancy and birth. However, the idea of life is still unknown to us too. The only thing we do by answering them is getting them familiar with the concept, but no real answer is ever given. The reason is that we can only share our understanding of the practical details that led to the delivery of this new life in the world.

  2. What happens after we die?
    This question is linked to the question: ”What happens after we disappear?” Let us explain how these concepts are linked in a young child’s mind. As soon as they start to understand the world, children realize that things appear and disappear. Sometimes this is linked to their existence. For instance, at the beginning of a child’s life when something comes out of their sight kids think it completely disappears. This is why the game of hiding is so important for them and this is why they enjoy it that much. Realizing that objects can exist even when they are not visible to them makes them feel secure and safe. After they start processing this concept, they want to understand what happens with humans as well. How do they ”appear” and ”disappear” not only in their sight but also on Earth? The question of ”How did I come here?” is followed by ”What is death and what happens after it?” It is interesting that even though they are eager to learn more about life using their own existence, however, when they talk about death, they always assume that it is something that does not directly concern them. Bright as they are, kids can realize that they are relatively new existences on this planet, while death is something they will probably have to see happening to other people first. So, kids do not only want to know what death is, but they want to have a picture of it. They refuse to understand the concept, so they will rather ask ”How is life after death?” rather than ”Is there anything happening after we die?” You see, for them, the idea of non-existence cannot be imagined since they only have an awareness of the existing condition. In addition, do not be surprised if you hear questions like: ”Can I take your dress after you die?” This is not a sign your kids don’t love you. They have obviously not understood what death is, and at the moment, all they care about is to understand if this will come with any benefits for them.

  3. What is God?
    The idea of God is not something kids have had on their own. The thoughts are there because someone implemented them on the kid. From a young age, children hear about a magic word called God. A ”person” they have never met, and that is very important. According to their parents, He knows everything about them, and he is responsible for deciding if they will get a Christmas present. It is normal for them to want to know more about him. If he is so powerful and everyone listens to His advice, it is worth asking a few questions about this stranger. In any case, the idea here is to convince them that God is only to help them and not punish them. This way, they will get a healthier relationship with the feelings of guilt and shame they have in them and will live a more calm life.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Special Reports - Three Fundamental Questions From Kids
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