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Best Sites for buying Instagram Followers

One of the most important things you should know about Instagram is that it’s a great way to connect with new people all over the world. In fact, there are more than 300 million active monthly users on this site and around 100 million daily visits. Therefore, your aim should be to attract as many followers as possible to reach out to an even larger audience and increase brand awareness.

But how can you achieve such a feat? And how do you know if your efforts will pay off? Well, one way would be to buy Instagram followers from a reputable provider that specializes in social media marketing solutions.

The good news is that you can now buy Instagram followers, likes, and views at for a very affordable price. By doing so, you will instantly become more popular on this social media platform, gain the respect of your peers and become much more visible to potential customers all over the world.

Here are the 7 best sites for purchasing Instagram Followers:

  1. SocialNinja — Best for Instagram Follower
    Marketing experts agree that this site is one of the best providers around. The company focuses specifically on Instagram followers, likes and views, but it also deals with Twitter Followers, Facebook Likes, and YouTube Views. Their packages are very affordable, so you can buy as many Instagram followers as you want without spending too much money.

    The most interesting thing about this site is that customers get to choose their packages and buy followers on a pay-as-you-go basis. Plus, the more Instagram followers you buy, the cheaper these Twitter Followers become. They are the most professional and reliable suppliers in the world of social media marketing.

  2. GrowLikes — Best for Instagram Likes
    GrowLikes is a relatively new company that works as a bridge between social media platforms and small or medium-sized businesses. This site offers very affordable packages for Twitter Followers, Facebook Likes, and YouTube Views, but it’s the Instagram followers you should pay most attention to.

    If you buy Instagram followers from them, you’ll see your popularity grow by up to 20% within the first four weeks of joining this site, and more than double in six months. It doesn’t matter if you run a beauty salon or an accounting firm; their packages will work wonders for your business.

    GrowLikes stands out because of the high quality of its services. It’s a site that’s dedicated to bringing customers closer to their favorite brands without breaking the bank.

  3. SocialFellow — Best for Social Media growth
    This is another great site for buying Instagram followers because it allows you to boost your presence online in the fastest possible way. At SocialFellow you can buy 200 Instagram followers by paying only $1.5, which means that for less than a dollar you get to increase your popularity on this social media platform by 20%.

    This company works with both small and medium-sized businesses as well as individual entrepreneurs. It’s recommended to use their services at least once a week if you want them to be effective.

  4. iDigic
    This is an old and very popular site when it comes to buying Instagram followers. In fact, they have been around for more than 5 years now, so their experience in this field speaks for itself. You can either buy Instagram views from them or choose one of the packages that include a number of other social media services such as Twitter Followers and Facebook Likes, which makes them a great choice if you want to boost your presence on multiple platforms at once. Their prices are very affordable, but if you want cheaper rates, then consider going for their monthly subscriptions instead of paying per order.
  5. BuldMyFollowers
    Buying Instagram followers from this company means that you are joining the elite of online marketers who use this social media platform to create a strong presence and attract more customers. These followers will help you find new leads, increase visibility on Instagram and get more exposure for any kind of product or service you sell. You can buy 500 followers from them by paying only $5, which means that these Instagram followers cost less than one cent each. Plus, if you want to make your profile look even more reputable, consider purchasing their services at least once a week or once every two weeks.
  6. Takumi
    This is a company that offers very affordable packages for Twitter Followers, Instagram followers, and YouTube Views. They offer different types of services depending on your personal preferences and your business needs. If you want to give your online profile a boost and make it easier for customers to notice you, then go for their Instagram followers combined with some other social media marketing tools such as Facebook Likes or Twitter Tweets. Takumi also allows clients to choose their packages in case they require even more specific offerings. Their prices are very affordable, so all budgets will be catered to accordingly.
  7. Devumi
    This is a company that offers very high-quality services for social media marketing, including Instagram followers and likes. They have over 200 million customers from all around the world, proof of their success at attracting clients from all industries and businesses from different niches. You can buy up to 1,000 real Instagram followers with them, then keep increasing your popularity on this site by buying more followers or likes in the future – or just stick with these if you’re satisfied with how they help your profile grow. If you want to look even more reputable, consider purchasing one of their monthly packages instead of paying per order.

Organic tips for social media growth:

What’s better than buying Instagram Followers? You can try following these tips to find new followers, too.

  1. Use relevant hashtags in your posts for easier discovery by other users who are interested in the same kind of content you share on the site.
  2. Another good idea is sharing photos that are not only attractive, but also showcase how much you love what you do. If you run a successful restaurant, for instance, post closeups of the food your chefs prepare. If you sell clothes, try sharing photos of people wearing them in beautiful locations.
  3. Take part in Instagram challenges and contests, such as #mycalvins or #mcmchallenge, to increase your following when other users notice how many fans you already have and want to connect with you too.
  4. Comment on other profiles’ posts and engage in a dialogue with their followers by asking questions that encourage responses from them. Don’t spam, though! Ask a question about their interests or business to make it easier for others to find common ground between both of you, then offer a giveaway in exchange for a mention. This will give your account even more exposure around the site!
  5. If you’re already active on other social media platforms, try cross-promoting your presence on Instagram by mentioning the link to your page in posts or using it as part of your profile’s bio info.

What to avoid when using Instagram

What are some of the most common mistakes people make on social media? Here are some examples:

  1. Post duplicate content on Instagram. If you have a blog or website, then try to avoid posting your articles more than once — at least not before you let your followers know that they weren’t the first ones to see them.
  2. Buying fake followers, which is why choosing the right company is crucial when buying Instagram Followers. If you’re successful with purchasing real users, more customers will follow suit and become your loyal customers in time!
  3. Making simple UI changes like adding borders to all photos or making the text smaller on profile pages. This may seem like an easy-to-perform task, but it can actually affect the way others perceive your brand’s professionalism.
  4. Posting too many photos in a single session. Your fans should have enough time to look at all of them, so don’t flood their feeds with more than three posts per day if you want to be effective with this strategy.
  5. Not responding or engaging whenever someone asks about your products or services. If you’re not available for comment on social media, that person will most likely share negative thoughts about you online — especially if they are unsatisfied with what you offer!

Frequently Asked Questions about Instagram?

How many photos can I upload in one session?

You can post up to 10 per day on the site, but it’s best to space them out, so each photo has a good chance of being seen by more users.

Is there an ideal time for me to post more often on Instagram? 

There is no perfect timing that works for everyone, but try experimenting with different times of the day, since some profiles tend to perform better at certain points in your local timezone (such as an early morning or late afternoon). Sharing during peak hours for others will maximize potential exposure to your social media followers.

What does “infeed” mean when purchasing Instagram Followers? 

This term refers to the number of new users following your account in 24 hours, so you want it to be as high as possible if you already have a few followers and want to gain more at once. Instagram has introduced a daily limit for this purpose, but you can always ask the company that sold you, Followers, for help with this concern.

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