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4 Ways Thinking Globally Helps You Find The Talent You Need

Driven in part by COVID-19, more businesses have realized the advantages of allowing employees to work remotely. Meanwhile, as the pandemic waxes and wanes, businesses have struggled to find qualified employees. As a result, an increasing number are considering the benefits of searching internationally for talent. If your company is looking to fill remote positions, here are four reasons why looking globally for talent is an option you should consider.

  1. It Helps Diversify Your Workforce
    A key advantage that recruiting internationally offers is the ability to increase diversity within your workforce. Employees with different backgrounds enable your company to expand its thinking — and potentially its customer base. Alternative viewpoints can allow your company to develop new ideas, products and services. Diversity helps to reduce implicit biases and expand opportunities in your company.A team made up only of people who share similar demographic characteristics and backgrounds can be limiting. It constrains how your company thinks about its mission and how it addresses customer experiences. Too much commonality may inhibit the creativity your business needs to grow.

    Hiring international employees with a variety of perspectives will enable you to appeal to the diverse customer base you seek. Using global payroll services will make this significantly easier. You reduce your administrative and compliance burden, while international employees increase the diversity of thought, background, and expertise within your company. This mix of talent can lead to new ideas and innovative solutions that will strengthen your business.

  2. It Can Supply Specialized Talent
    There are times when finding the right applicant for the job seems impossible. The candidates are smart and have great experience, but they lack the special skills you need.

    The ongoing skills gap that employers are experiencing shows how difficult it is to find workers with the right expertise. It’s less about a lack of potential employees and more about the disconnect between worker skills and available roles. This disconnect can be costly for companies that may not be able to meet objectives because they can’t find the right workers for their needs.

    The search for specialized talent is made easier by expanding your recruitment into international markets. Different regions of the world have a wealth of talent in different disciplines that can serve your company. India is well-known for its IT workforce, for example, while Hong Kong abounds in finance professionals.

    Thinking globally when hiring increases your chances of filling your gaps in expertise. Fishing in a much larger pond can help you hook the skills needed to meet your company’s goals.

  3. It Can Help You Expand Into New Regions
    Hiring internationally can help establish your company in other parts of the world. Your international staff can familiarize your company with different markets and opportunities. It’s not just about hiring workers who speak the language. International employees understand their country’s culture and its market dynamics. They can share those insights with your company as you strive to do business in their neck of the woods.

    For example, locals can tell you how to make your packaging more appealing or correct a marketing message that’s slightly off. They can clue you in to social niceties that may require you to alter your sales cycle. They can explain the cultural factors that might keep your target demographic from buying your product — and what to do about it. In ways large and small, they can assist you in cracking the cultural code.

    And when it comes to establishing business relationships, these employees can serve as your company’s representatives. This is especially critical in countries where clients prefer conducting business with those who share their language. International team members can remove language and cultural barriers to your business’s growth.

  4. It Can Help You Adapt to Global Market Trends
    By expanding your recruitment globally, your company can better adapt to shifting markets. International hires can keep tabs on trends in your industry across the world. They can report on new industry developments in their region and market entrants that could compete with your business. Because of their diversity of thought and experience, international employees can help you make adjustments and create solutions when markets shift.

    As your business and industry evolve, your teams may eventually include workers with nontraditional education and training. After all, it’s not always another credential or certification that produces the problem-solving capabilities your business needs. Emphasizing a more human-centric culture could help you identify talent that will best serve your company and enable it to adapt.

Think Globally to Find the Talent You Need

By extending your search for employees across the globe, your company will benefit from the broader talent pool. Even if you are not expanding into international markets, this global hiring strategy can offer many other advantages. Diversity of thought, background, experience, and outlook can strengthen your company. International workers can provide specialized skills and unique perspectives your company needs to succeed.

As you fill vacant positions or create new ones, consider how international talent can serve you. By starting small, you can become comfortable with the practice of hiring globally. Identify where the greatest need exists and use that position to test the international waters. It could be the first step toward your company’s next phase of growth.

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