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Solar Energy Partners Bucks the Trend with Strong Growth During Pandemic

David Madrid, Co-Founder and Partner at Solar Energy Partners

While many businesses are struggling to stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic, Solar Energy Partners has been expanding and  installing more residential solar systems across all of California, recently adding Texas, Colorado, and Florida, totaling 12 locations. Solar Energy Partners has also dramatically expanded its sales team, giving employment to Californians who have found themselves out of work thanks to the pandemic.

According to David Madrid, Co-Founder and Partner at Solar Energy Partners, this is the perfect time for homeowners to invest in solar power. Solar technology is more efficient than ever, delivering more power with fewer panels, so solar installations are more compact and attractive. There are also more features and options available, such as solar battery storage, and more funding options than ever before.

“When we launched Solar Energy Partners three years ago, we saw a gap in the residential solar industry,” said Madrid. “Solar technology continues to improve, but no one was paying attention to the needs of the customer. We decided it was time to offer customizable solar solutions with white glove customer service. The fact we have been able to build our business during a pandemic shows that consumers are seeking a solar provider they can trust that can provide customized solar installations.”

What differentiates Solar Energy Partners is the customer experience. Solar Energy Partners represents the most recognized and reputable brands in the solar industry, including Bright Planet Solar, SunNova, SunRun, Infinity Energy, LIFT Energy, and Tesla, giving customers more options to purchase the solar system is right for their needs. Every customer gets a cost-free analysis to determine potential energy savings, identify tax credits, and even provide aerial photos of their home with computer-generated images to show them the finished installation.

“Solar installations are more efficient and require fewer panels, making for a much sleeker and more aesthetically pleasing look that most homeowners consider them to be a true visual asset to their home,” said Madrid.

California Is a Green Market for Solar

California solar sales have continued to climb thanks to new legislation and new homeowner concerns mostly.

Title 24, the new California Building Efficiency Standard, requires all new homes built starting in 2020 to include sufficient solar power to offset the total kilowatt-hour consumption of the dwelling. The new code also contains incentives for demand-response technologies, such as solar battery storage.

The solar mandate has given suppliers more reasons to increase production, improve quality, and increase solar installation options, whether for new construction or existing homes. It also has created new incentives to provide more financial options, including loans, solar leases, and power purchase agreements (PPAs).

“Everybody needs electricity regardless of the status of the economy,” said Madrid. “We’re helping people with a product and a program that benefits anyone that owns a home by saving them thousands of dollars that would have otherwise wasted on dirty electricity. Once the customer understands how solar works, the product sells itself.”

In addition to reducing energy bills and increasing home values, California homeowners are also looking to solar to address other problems, such as rolling blackouts. California utilities continue to turn off electricity at times when there is a high risk of wildfires. With solar power that includes battery storage, homeowners not only can save 35 to 50 percent of their energy costs, but they have the ability when they need it, even during power outages.

Creating Jobs During the Recession

Solar Energy Partners also is creating jobs during the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. The company has added more than 1,000 new independent sales representatives in recent months, providing work for people who would otherwise be unemployed.

“With the rise in unemployment, we have been able to recruit an amalgamation of talented representatives who never before had considered sales as a career,” Madrid said. “We are all in tough times, but we have a product that benefits consumers by saving them up to half of their energy bill, which makes it a great product for new sales reps.”

Solar Energy Partners has recruited new sales representatives from every industry hit by the pandemic, giving them the tools and comprehensive training to succeed in the growing solar industry. While other solar system installers are laying off staff or failing, Solar Energy Partners is growing at an annual rate of 500 percent. The company has nine California offices and expects to expand to 15 by the end of January 2021. Ultimately, Solar Energy Partners plans to expand into additional states.

“We’ve already made a lot of headway starting in California, and we’re ultimately looking to help people across the globe,” Madrid said.

Solar Sales Is About More than Saving the Environment

Solar Energy Partners opted to sell solar systems because of the positive environmental impact of renewable solar energy. The company’s commitment extends beyond offering renewable energy to helping the community and the planet, including supporting regional ecological cleanup efforts and other programs that give back to the community.

The latest community support initiative is a partnership with the Salvation Army to their Red Kettle and Angel Tree programs to aid those in need. Funds raised through these programs are used to support homeless shelters, provide groceries for those in need, and bill-pay assistance to help struggling households pay their utility bills.

“Most solar companies want to sell you solar – we are going above and beyond to not only benefit homeowners by going solar and saving the environment but also helping anyone who needs it during one of America’s most dire times,” said Madrid. “We are always looking to do good in our respective communities.”

The business formula that Solar Energy Partners has developed is paying off for the community and the company. In addition to building sales in a competitive market and a challenging economic climate, the company also has found a way to create new jobs and offer unique career opportunities to those out of work. However, the biggest beneficiaries are Solar Energy Partner customers. They get to work with a solar installer they can trust to deliver the best possible service while achieving dramatic savings from their renewable energy investment.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - Solar Energy Partners Bucks the Trend with Strong Growth During Pandemic
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