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What we can do to keep ourselves connected to others

Relationships are hard, and fortunately or not, they do not work on autopilot. Whether you are the man or the woman in the couple, whether you are in a heterosexual or a homosexual relationship, spreading love and joy is where you should focus. The reality is full of competition and high demand, but we are all people at the end of the day. Ancient philosophers characterized human beings as ”social creatures” meaning they had a deep need to connect. After our relationship with our mother as newborns, the next essential relationship we need to develop to support reproduction is the one that will ensure the act of love. In the years, social phenomena have been implemented in every part of our lives, and things become complicated. Relationships as we now know them and experience them need our support to grow. Let’s have a look at what we can do to keep ourselves connected to others.

  1. Care for them
    This is a large concept, and it includes all small details. Starting with the simple stuff, it is essential to remember some dates, like birthdays and anniversaries. It is also crucial to share your reality with them. Your plans for the day and the long-term plans, will probably show your trust and encourage the other person to open up also.

    Meanwhile, if your couple needs to ”breathe” you can show some understanding and provide some space for them. For guys and vital advice, we are that women usually appreciate gentlemen. Younger ages don’t pay that much attention, but older women do. How about forgiving? Give yourself the chance to be the bigger person and forgive the small mistakes everyone makes in a loving relationship.

  2. Pumper them
    One of the best things people usually enjoy when they stop being single is that they have someone to spoil them. From the time we were babies, we used to attract all the attention. Growing up comes with a price, which usually means we don’t get to have as much cadles and love. Buying presents when your beloved one does not expect them is an excellent idea.

    The significance of flowers is linked to romance, traditionally in almost every culture. What makes them so unique is that they are very symbolic. Because they are of no real use, apart from making space look prettier, they are recognized as a sign of true love. Jewelry could serve that purpose, but flowers are a more pure gift that has to do more with the gesture. If the other person is a sensitive soul with a sensitive feeling, this will be highly appreciated. For others, pampering might mean cooking your favorite dinner or complimenting on details that others wouldn’t notice.

  3. Defend them
    A relationship between two people who are in love is also a symbolic alliance. When you choose to be with someone as a couple, you declare your respect and admiration towards them to the world. A possible attack against them is also an attack on yourself.

    We don’t claim that you lose your own identity, but caring for the other person is vital in a deep and meaningful way. Especially for women, the idea that their man will stand for them goes a long way. However, it is not only women. People have feelings, and defending them in a challenging situation could mean a lot. Some people feel insulted, and others feel threatened. The common thing that all of them want is someone to take their side.

  4. Be loyal
    Have you ever heard of ”The Theory of Equilateral Triangle?” According to some sociologists, there are three pillars in relationships that should be relatively similar for the couple to be balanced. It is intimacy, passion, and loyalty between the members. Passion is something that either exists or not. It has to do with the chemistry, and even though you can work in a direction to keep it alive as much as possible, it cannot be treated as an obligation.

    Intimacy is also created as people get to know each other, feel comfortable, and understand they can trust others. Loyalty, though, is up to you, and it applies to many aspects. Being faithful is the apparent commitment most people expect you to make. At the same time, you need to show the other person this intention. Don’t make them feel jealous, and be aware of your behavior toward people of the opposite sex.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - What we can do to keep ourselves connected to others
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