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Highly ranked low-stress well-paying jobs for 2021

University professor

It is unbelievable how our work affects our lives. Almost 1/3 of our working life is dedicated to the work environment and another great percentage in transportation-related to our profession. Even health is strictly associated with our career and mostly due to anxiety levels that this may cause. Some may be born work-addicts, while others tend to be very sensitive under stressful conditions. Of course, there are many jobs that demand discipline and organized effort, but no one has to sacrifice their well-being in order to be successful.

Low-stress jobs may not make you a millionaire but many of them can provide the possibility of well-being. Seeing people succeed and thrive is what we love to see as an outcome on someone’s life, however, wealthiness is also associated with a positive overall condition. For those who reconsider their work future, we have a list of some of the most balanced jobs when it comes to stress and salary levels.

  1. University professors
    University professors have a very low risk of being fired, while their daily life is mostly filled with lectures in the class and correcting students’ reports. It is quite hard to be doubted by their audience and this gives them a great deal of satisfaction. The working hours are usually more flexible compared to other jobs and they do not have to work on tight deadlines.

    University professor

    It is even possible to take a sabbatical and rest for a few months. For professors who are mostly dedicated to research the constant need to approach new problems that can stimulate the imagination is a great advantage, combined with the ability to travel for conferences. All these factors are likely to create a rather relaxing working experience

  2. Scientists
    A great truth about scientists is that they are highly respected by the community, not only for their prestigious profession but also for their contribution to society. Being able to understand your impact on the planet could not be underestimated. Specifically, mathematicians, physicists, geographers, and political scientists are ranked us the most relaxed scientists.

    Mathematicians and physicists conduct research in all fields of mathematics and physics, geographers study the interaction of human activity and nature on the planet’s surface, and political scientists study the origin, and operation of political systems. Especially for people who come from the business world and hold in their possession that kind of ”heavy degrees” finding a job in these kinds of fields will be easy.

  3. Agents of artists and athletes
    Their job is to promote their customers’ work and make sure they are informed about every opportunity that comes in their way. They often advise their clients regarding which direction they have to take in order to accomplish their goals and always encourage them to move forward.

    Agents of artists and athletes

    They never have to undertake the stress of success themselves and they mostly work behind the scenes. They do not have to be exposed, neither criticized regarding the outcome of their work. They have connections in the industry they are involved in and most of the time they do not have to make a big effort to get noted about the opportunities that may rise for their clients.

  4. Farm managers
    They basically coordinate agricultural establishments. Even though they are not expected of course to do the job of a worker they have to visit the farms and ranches in order to supervise the process. Together with construction supervisors, they are considered to work in a pretty calm environment.


    The differentiating factor that sets them apart from construction supervisors is that they also have the opportunity to be close to nature during their working hours. Depending on the industry they are working for they are very likely to go for quite salaries also.

  5. Technical writes
    These people are responsible for maintenance instructions as well as equipment manuals. They can work for any industry and even though they play an important role in the conduction of the operation their work is not associated with the success of the whole process.

    Technical Writer

    Their mistakes can be corrected and the most important characteristic to accomplish their task is to be concentrated. They don’t need rare skills to succeed and no one expects them to make a deep difference in the final result. Again they can work in all kinds of industries and this definitely has a result on their salary.

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