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7 Influencer Marketing Trends For 2020

Influencer marketing is a very powerful concept in the current market. However, it should be kept in mind that the market does not stay the same all the time. Certain tools and concepts might be very powerful today but it is really hard to predict how the market would behave in the future. The same is the case with influencer marketing. It is one of the strongest forms of marketing in the current era and the trend might continue in the future as well but it is very hard to say anything for certain at the moment.

Years ago there was MySpace, then it came Facebook that disrupted the internet and it became the most innovative social media ever. After that, users were able to enjoy Instagram, which is lately experiencing a decrease in monthly active users because of the entrance of new powerful social media apps such as TikTok.

Based on the information gathered from past marketing trends, we can say that the future might see a continuation of some of the influencer marketing trends. I have selected seven of these trends to follow in 2020:

  1. Companies Will Increase Their Focus On Confluence Marketing
    “Confluence” is derived from Content and Influence. As we can see that influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways of marketing in the current era. If the current trends continue then this will become the most dominant form of marketing in the world. Companies know the potential of good content and influencer marketing and know that it can yield great results. So it is only a matter of time that they would lower their investments in other marketing methods and start investing more and more into confluence marketing.
    Hard-selling promotion is not effective anymore. Users want powerful storytelling that can bring to a sale in a soft-selling way and content, in this case, becomes the king.
  2. Medium-Influencers Will Become Even More Important
    It is expected that the medium-influencers would become even more important in the future. Not that they aren’t important in the current market but their role may get bigger and more important in the coming years. Vanity metrics such as the number of followers on Instagram is not enough anymore: companies are investing in a smart way, paying influencers that can actually bring a return on investment. This means less quantity and more quality.
    For every dollar spent, companies expect nowadays a return in terms of not only brand awareness and content created by an influencer but also user-generated content and online and offline sales associable to influencer marketing activities.
  3. Influencer Marketers Will Start Using A Reverse Marketing Approac
    It is believed that companies will try to adopt a new and innovative marketing approach. An approach based on reverse marketing. Reverse marketing is a concept where the customers seek the company rather than the company’s marketing team trying to seek the customers. The main purpose of this approach is to create a human-to-human marketing approach that would allow a customized customer relationship. By adopting this approach, companies will be able to get their name out in the world with the help of word of mouth. And, as a lot of studies and analysis prove, word-of-mouth is one of the strongest forms of marketing that can help a business in improving its brand awareness and increasing its sales.
  4. Influencer Marketing: Podcasts And Video Content
    Studies have shown that video content attracts more people as compared to flat images or textual content. The same goes for podcasts. Podcasts are one of the most popular mediums to convey your message. They are not a newer concept but lately have very quickly gained prominence again. If the current trend continues that brands will start using influencers to convey their message through video content and podcasts. Podcasts might have a bigger role to play as compared to the video content. In the last two years, a lot of free and professional tools that facilitate the creation, management and publishing of podcast has risen and nowadays everyone with an internet connection and a microphone can create its own podcast and reach millions of users.
  5. Brands, companies and organizations will have experts introducing e-learning programs in addition to their influencer marketing program
    Companies will put a lot of effort into their e-learning programs. They will train and educate their employees through these programs in order to increase their productivity and be in the loop of the latest technology and market trends and needs. Influencers and thought leaders will be asked to contribute to the company’s e-learning programs since they are the best professionals that really know what is working well in a certain market and industry.
  6. The Influencer Marketplaces Will See More Growth
    In the next years, the credibility of influencers will boost even more and may give them the opportunity to find more work outside their social media channels. With the advent of influencer communities and more business credibility, companies will easily be able to look for and hire influencers from all over the world to get support in understanding new generations and the latest market trends.
  7. Advance Technology Will Help In Targeting Potential More Accurately
    With the advancement in technologies like augmented reality, artificial intelligence and geolocation, companies will be able to target their potential clients more effectively and efficiently. In addition to the potential client, such technologies will also help in retargeting existing in customers. The world will also see a revolution in social gaming with enhanced forms of communication through AI and augmented reality.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Agenda - 7 Influencer Marketing Trends For 2020
Alessandro Bogliari
Alessandro Bogliari is the CEO & Co-Founder of The Influencer Marketing Factory, a global influencer marketing agency with expertise in TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. Alessandro Bogliari is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine.