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Connecteam Makes Employee Management Easier and More Effective, Here’s How

There is one thing that all managers know to be true – employee management is THE most challenging aspect of a manager’s daily duties. However, considering that employees are key in a company’s success means that management has to be done the right way, day in and day out.

But what is employee management exactly? It’s how you transform each employee into an exceptional one, no matter if it’s their first day or 10 years in. It’s a mixture of strategies and procedures that guide you on how to best monitor, interact and measure with your staff.

Employees need someone to guide them, an open communication channel, task scheduling and a quick way to get their shift schedule, and they certainly should feel a part of something that is bigger than themselves in order to be engaged. It’s a tall task to maintain and deliver. However, when done right, your company will only experience low turnover, high productivity, high employee engagement.

Now, it can be hard to juggle such responsibility on top of all your other duties and that’s exactly why so many managers are turning to employee management software. As it’s 2019, there are numerous solutions available that can help managers efficiently manage their employees’ tasks, working hours, communication, engagement, job scheduling and more. But for us, there’s only one clear employee management software solution that stands out from the rest: Connecteam.

What is Connecteam? 

Connecteam is an all-in-one employee management app designed and built for the deskless employee. From retail to construction to hospitality to security guards and more, Connecteams makes it easier to manage all employees from one place.

Up until a few years ago, only huge corporations like Starbucks or McDonalds could afford an employee app then Connecteam made their mark and changed the rules. Over 8,000 companies worldwide trust Connecteam as their 360-degree solution for employees and managers.

Who uses Connecteam?

  1. Retail Stores: all communication, daily operations, scheduling and training are on mobile.
  2. Field Services: easily share documents, tasks, checklists, dispatch jobs and track your employee’s time.
  3. Manufacturing companies: share business processes and easily track time with GPS. Instantly connect with all your employees.
  4. Hospitality: Share documents, tasks and checklists to effortlessly manage your business. Talk to employees in real time and instantly get their feedback.
  5. Public transport: enhance communication and collaboration with employees on-the-go. Fill checklists and forms via the app and streamline daily operations, scheduling, time tracking and training.
  6. Non-profit & education: easily share documents, improve communication and collaboration and track working hours.

Why Connecteam is the considered a world-leading employee management tool?

A) Set up takes 15 minutes, or less: Create your own employee app within 15 minutes. Choose the app color and logo and everything in between so the look and feel reflect your company culture. You can choose from a long list of features that benefit your company most. You will receive a code to verify your account and a link to your app is sent right after. Easily access the backend of your account from your desktop, from the admin dashboard, you have total control over your app activity.

B) Easy to use: The interface of Connecteam is user-friendly meaning that your employees don’t need to tech-savvy in order to understand how to use it. It easily fits all kinds of employees, no matter who they are.

C) Multiple features to manage your business and employees.

  • Time clock: While on-the-go, a.l employees can clock in and out (with a GPS time stamp), request absences, view current or past timesheets, and more. Plus, employees can choose a “tag” like a job, project, customer or anything else set up in the app so you always know what is being worked on and at what time.
  • Scheduling: Create single, multiple or team shifts, and you can even upload shift bulks with an Excel file. Everything is neatly organized and runs smoothly with calendar view, drag & drop options, and simply copying last week’s shifts. With status updates, employees can change the shift status so you always have a clear view on a shift’s status – like checking in at the job location and reporting once completed, or rejecting a shift.
  • Digital checklists and forms: Employees can fill and send reports and checklists from anywhere. Choose from pre-made templates or create your own from scratch; employees can add pictures, video and an e-signature while on-the-go. As a manager, you can set required fields so nothing important gets left out and send automated push notifications to remind employees to complete reports on time.
  • Communication: Easily deliver the right message at the right time to all your employees. Through many communication tools, you can easily enhance your day-to-day business routine; live chat group or private conversations, an in-app directory for all work contacts, immediate updates with or without comments and likes, employee feedback surveys, a suggestion box and more.
  • Training and knowledge base: The time of on-boarding and training happening in the office is over, your employees have direct access to information, policies, procedures and training materials on their mobile phone. From one place, you offer an intuitive learning experience with easy access to files, all media types, searchable online libraries, professional courses, quizzes and web-services.

D) Affordable: You would assume that Connecteam would be expensive with all its features and capabilities, but it’s super inexpensive so it fits any small business. All prices are fixed for up to 200 users, and plans start at $29/month. Unlike other software solutions that charge you per user, Connecteam bundles everything into one plan for up to 200 users so you have all the tools needed to manage your employees.

The bottom line: Unlike most disconnected solutions, Connecteam hosts everything necessary to share workflows, communicate and engage with employees, scheduling or dispatching, tracking your employee’s time in one simple, integrated platform that all your employees can use, no matter how tech-savvy they are. A true all-in-one solution, built especially for companies with deskless employees who are looking to shift from pen and paper to the digital era.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - Connecteam Makes Employee Management Easier and More Effective, Here’s How
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