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Top 10 Universities In Asia, 2019

Founded in 1877, the University of Tokyo has been ranked No. 1 in Asia and 26th in the world, according to the CEOWORLD magazine University Ranking 2019, followed by University of Hong Kong and Tsinghua University. A total of 97 Asian universities made it to the top 500 universities in the world for 2019. This proves that Asian universities are steadily increasing in academic reputation and global influence.

The universities are ranked based on a methodology which assesses their performance using several indicators, including factors such as quality of education, perceived global influence, recruiters responses, employers feedback, job placement rate, admission eligibility, specialization, and academic reputation.

Here we look at Asia’s top ten universities for 2019, according to the prestigious CEOWORLD magazine University Rankings.

Top 10 Universities In Asia, 2019

1. The University of Tokyo.
Location: Japan
Global rank: 26th
There are 25,828 students at the University of Tokyo, 7.6 students per member of staff, and International students make up 11% of them.

2. The University of Hong Kong.
Location: Hong Kong
Global rank: 27th
The University of Hong Kong has 18,122 full-time students, 18.1 students per member of staff and 43% foreign students.

3. Tsinghua University.
Location: China
Global rank: 29th
There are 36,912 students at Tsinghua University, 11.9 students to every member of staff, and 11% of those studying come from overseas.

4. National University of Singapore (NUS)
Location: Singapore
Global rank: 39th
28% of Caltech’s 30,727 students come from oversees, while they have one member of staff to every 17.4 students.

5. Kyoto University.
Location: Japan
Global rank: 44th
Kyoto University take on 22,420 at any one time – 8% of which are from overseas. The university have 8.8 students to every member of staff.

6. Nanyang Technological University.
Location: Singapore
Global rank: 57th
Nanyang Technological University only accept 25,738 students at any one time – 28% of which are foreign. They have 16.7 students per teacher.

7. The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Global rank: 66th
Location: Hong Kong
33% of Chinese University of Hong Kong’s 17,883 students are from international, which the university having one member of staff for every 18.4 students.

8. Seoul National University (SNU).
Location: South Korea
Global rank: 70th
Founded in 1946, Seoul National University only accept 26,066 students at any one time – 12% of them are from overseas, and there is one member of staff per 12.3 students.

9. Fudan University.
Location: China
Global rank: 89th
Fudan University have 34,393 full time students at any one time – 11% of which are international. They also have one member of staff per 12.2 students.

10. Osaka University.
Location: Japan
Global rank: 90th
10% of Osaka University’s 23,173 students are international students, and the university offers one member of staff per 7.8 students.

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