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All About Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certification Exam, Jobs, Salary, Cost & Skills

Certified Ethical Hackers are known for much more than just having lucrative CEH jobs in the blossoming industry of IT security. These professional yet ethical hackers are trained to use the tools and resources of cybercriminals and vicious hackers to reveal the weaknesses and vulnerable areas of a company’s IT infrastructure. Since the scope of the CEH certification itself is absolutely vendor-neutral, it is a high-demand certification that allows IT professionals to explore a wide variety of applications and systems in which to use their skills.

Exploring the Job Market of Ethical Hackers

When you become a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), you will be able to decide your career path within the IT security world. Keep in mind that the job market for lucrative IT positions is a lot shallower than the average job seeker thinks – especially if they do not have an in-demand certification or credential to boost the appeal of their resume and work history. However, there are more than enough CEH career positions that could allow the average IT professional to either build a solid and lasting career in this field or enhance the quality and reach of the IT position that they already have.

Some of the available IT positions that are directly connected to passing the CEH exam and receiving the corresponding certification are as follows:

  • Network security specialist
  • Penetration tester
  • Ethical hacker
  • Site Administrator
  • Security consultant
  • Auditor

Beyond Basic IT Security Jobs

What many people do not realize is that the list of available employment opportunities for people who have obtained their CEH certifications does not just stop short of site administration and penetration testing. These individuals are also recruited for higher-level positions and career paths. For instance, there is a growing list of lucrative positions within IT security throughout the government IT sector that are available to consider as well.

Keep in mind that education and experience go a long way when it comes to securing these types of high-level positions. However, a major selling point that usually sets you apart from the rest of the competition vying for the same position is the list of credentials and applicable certifications that you also have on your resume.

Skills Learned by Ethical Hacking Course

There is a growing list of skills and abilities that are learned from within a standard ethical hacking course – especially one that allows you to work your way toward passing the CEH exam. For instance, you will be able to fortify your knowledge of telecommunications, networking, computer systems and the Internet. You will also be able to examine and comprehend the numerous types of security protocols within commonly-used operating systems – such as Mac OS, Windows and Linux.

As part of your new skillset, you will be able to successfully breach the network and systems of a standard organization and assess its overall weaknesses, exposed areas and vulnerabilities. When studying a list of company-used passwords, you will be able to crack through the easier ones and prove the strength of the strong. It is important for you to always continue adhering to the firm code of ethics outlined and governed over the appropriateness of ethical hacking to ensure you do not wreck your reputation in this industry or jeopardizing the status of your current job.

Below is a list of some of other skills that you will learn as you take the necessary steps towards pursuing your Certified Ethical Hacker certification:

  • Comprehend cybercrimes (phishing, social engineering, URL obfuscation, identity theft, Trojans, insider attacks and even dumpster diving) to be able to effectively place yourself on the treatment side.
  • Examine the stages, phases, classes, terms and methodologies of today’s ethical hacking
  • Effectively and efficiently erase the digital traces of evidence caused by digital intrusions, planted by system hackers and observed by network administrators.

How Will You Become Eligible to Take the CEH Exam?

Now that you have a better and clearer idea of what is featured on the CEH certification examination, the next step is to pay close attention to whether or not you are even eligible. For instance, it is highly recommended for you to strive to attend an official form of CEH training or a CEH course that will allow you to learn, build and apply your new skills.

With the digital age and advancing technology, it is helpful to know that you do not necessarily need to attend a traditional, brick-and-mortar classroom to benefit from this type of education. Multiple reports confirm that you can attend an online class to get the same type of instruction through a wide variety of formats – including live online streaming, computer-based training and instructor-led training. The key is to make sure that the program has received the approval of the EC Council. The other educational track available is to attempt the exam without any official training.

Can You Take the Exam Without Official Training?

There are some cases in which the aspiring IT professional may want to take the CEH examination without having to worry about the seemingly excessive step of going through a separate training. Perhaps they have already worked in this field within their existing job or explored another IT position that allows you to benefit from the hacking side of your job.

It is possible for you to take the CEH examination without having the training. However, there are several points that will help you to qualify for this workaround opportunity.

1.Have at least 2 years of documented IT security experience

2.Remit an eligibility application with the nonrefundable fee of $100

3.Submit the completed eligibility form indicating employer verification

4.EC-Council will then send a voucher number to you via email so that you can officially register for the exam.

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Make sure that you pay close attention to how you prepare for your journey towards becoming a CEH. The key is to enjoy the experience, but also patiently wait for the prize as you work your way towards it.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Agenda - All About Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certification Exam, Jobs, Salary, Cost & Skills

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