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Small Business Are On The Rise, Take Them Higher With Mobile Apps

Be a scobblelotcher and take a look around. What you will find is people with their heads and eyes deep down into their phones.

It’s blatant that they don’t stare at the blank screen, its apps that keep them engaged all the time. It’s been donkey’s years when mobile apps were visualized as a realm only for the big players in the market.

Small business carry a preconceived notion as to who will download an app for a small business? Well, the answer in today’s date and for the rest of the days to come is “so many people”.

Almost 70% of the population is relying on mobile applications to do their day to day activities and being a small business incubator if you intend to make your business integral part of people’s life, let this work be done by the app.

The estimates say that by the year 2020, 45% of e-commerce revenue will be converted into M-commerce. When you compare it with the sales it will be around $284.

If you are a business owner and envisage yourself as a business tycoon, it is the right time to spring up and hire a mobile app development agency and come up with a robust mobile application.

If you think it’s just porkies, here are some of the reasons to back this statement.

  1. Your competitor already have it

    Ever heard of this, if you can’t oppose them just join them? Replicate the same saying here. According to the result of one of the surveys, almost 62 % or more than that of small business owners already have app for their business or are in the race of developing one.

    “Compete and forfeit and if you can’t don’t wonder just surrender”. You business is already backdated not having an app, don’t be more and just get one ASAP (as soon as possible).

  2. Income is hidden here

    The digital world is at boom and revenue in the same is escalating at an exponential rate. So, if you are full of beans and want to upsurge your small business then hurry up, its high time to diverge your directions this way.

    Let’s back it up with some with numerical data. $45 was the figure of app revenue in the year 2015. The figures ascended to $58 in the year 2016. The predictive analyst gave the figure of $77 billion to reach there by 2017. Your clients might not bestow trust in you if you lack a mobile app.

  3. Engage more reach

    Small business is in the highest need of customer engagement and a digital way is the best way to hit the bull’s eye. Prime agenda of a small business should be to impress and satisfy as many clients as possible. Bliss your existing client base and invite more with an application.

  4. Direct marketing

    Middlemen can swallow a legitimate part of the revenue of the small business, oust them by installing an app. Customers can line up directly with the marketers. Marketers can keep their customer’s aware of their offers and schemes through notifications and alerts.

    Keep a filter and send notification of only related products, extreme notification of irrelevant products can drive the customers to turn off notification or even uninstall your app. Discount offers or cash back is inveigling factors of the business.

  5. Brand recognition

    Check the nearest coffee shop or the salon next door, even they will have an app. The app works its way to create brand awareness. You can compare it with a blank billboard, you can mold it the way you want. The more functional and stylish you make it, the better recognition your business will have.

    Portray the features in the most simplistic ways and the ones which can win hearts of your customers. Higher the lucid features, higher will be the customer satisfaction and higher will be the customer base and make your small business big and more lucrative. Customers will be inclined to buy your products more if they are aware of your brand, your products quality and your number of satisfied clients.

  6. Access to sales payment points

    “Eradicate stress by going cashless” this is the new trend with mobile payment entering the industry. Gone are the days when only online purchases were the platform for online payment. Now from food bill to taxi fare, everything is paid through mobile. You can lose almost half of your business by not entailing the access to the sales payment points. Giving an online payment portal to your small business is a mutating way of escalating your business.

  7. Millennials buys this way

    The statistics say that almost 49% of the Millennials engage with the products and services online every week. Generation of the mid 20s engages with the online business almost 40% and for the mid 30s generation it’s 26%.

    You cannot afford to lose this amount of business being indulged in small business pursuing to become big. With time being always scarce, the crowd won’t go store to store, analyze the price and do market study this way. This era is long gone with the advent of mobile app development. For every product and service and their comparative study, mobile is a new way.

  8. Investment that brings return

    Do your business have a website? Of course, you can check it out. Ever heard this? Yes, blatantly you would have.

    Every small business have a website and it is quite compulsory to have one but the application is also in the similar race now. If you are concerned about the costing then let’s explore a comparative costing study of both of them.

Well, building a website is directly proportionate with the features it integrates and it will fluctuate from the type of site you build. Whereas, on the contrary, building a mobile app that too native one will be around $25000. A website also does charge around this only. The ROI that your business will generate would not leave any regret of the huge amount you spent.

Pratik Kanada
Pratik Kanada is the founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, a leading Mobile app development company which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and app development services across IOS and Android platforms.