About us

CEOWORLD Magazine is world’s leading business and technology magazine written strictly for CEOs and forward-thinking high-level executives at companies around the world. It is a news and information website that delivers its readers with practical content discussing successful business strategies, expert opinion, entrepreneurialism, case studies, emerging trends, proprietary research, and management practices that help them effectively lead their organizations.

The CEOWORLD Magazine also publish analysis, news, opinions, and interviews with chief executive officers (C-level or C-suite), presidents, chairmen, and business leaders — senior executives, corporate manager, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists from across the globe to identify their most critical challenges.


As an authority on the future of business, finance and technology, the CEOWORLD Magazine is highly targeted, aimed specifically at high-level senior management includes Chief executive officers (CEOs), chief financial officers (CFOs), chief technology officers (CTOs), chief information officers (CIOs), chief operating officers (COOs), chief creative officers (CCOs), chief business development officers (CBDOs), chief marketing officers (CMOs), chief communications officers (CCOs), chief diversity officers (CDOs), chief human resources officers (CHROs), Chairmen, and other executive directors.

With more than 10 million monthly page views, it is now one of the most widely read and respected Magazine in the world.

  • High level senior executives and business leaders
  • Business, finance and technology news enthusiasts
  • Investors, analysts and news enthusiasts in various sectors
  • High net worth individuals primarily from USA, Canada and Europe
  • Editors of various news, financial, resource and energy sites

In a nutshell, the readership is a powerful mix of executive leaders and the magazine is produced specifically for the higher end of management, who create and fund the innovations that drive the global economy.