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Choosing The Right Frame For Your Face Type

Selecting the perfect spectacle frame for our face always puts us in a dilemmatic condition. But what if you get a few specifications and handy tips to remember the next time you visit an optician? So, here we try to ease your decision, hoping it is lucrative for you ☺ –

  • Oval :-
    An oval-shaped face is the one which has slightly wider cheekbones with gently narrowing at the jaw and forehead. The face is in balanced proportion making it easier to choose the frame for this facial type but its equally genuine that you just can’t put on any frame. Your comfort is equally important than your looks are. Frames with geometrical shapes that are wider around your eyes enhance your beauty and bring out the best in you. Frames in rectangular and square shapes seem to be the best for you, as it covers little portion of your face, exposing your natural beauty, and also it will give your face a sincere and cuter look.
    Avoid frames that add unnecessary length to your face. Cat-eye glasses and  aviator frames are also in the hit-list for oval faces. You can make them your everyday statement piece and just flaunt in style.
  • Heart :-
    If you have a quite broad forehead and face gently narrows down through the chin, then you are blessed with a heart-shaped face. The well-defined cheekbones are the most highlighted part of your face. The latest trend of round eyeglasses  has your name on it, as its super flattering for an angular bone structure. You can just grab a pair of it and dangle in a party or at work. You can also try your hand on cat-eye glasses with thin metallic frames, that will provide softness to your facial angles, balance the width of your face and make you feel glamorous and trendy. Just avoid using oversized and heavy metallic frames.
  • Round :-
    Round faces are characterized by equally wide forehead and jaw with slightly wider cheekbones. These are soft and circular with angle-less chin, so picking up the right frame for your face is very crucial to make your face look longer and thinner. Frames with angles are the best for round faces as it hauls the attention towards the eyes. Square and rectangular frames are the best since these make a round face longer and thinner. You can also attempt for cat-eye glasses and geometric frames. Small and round frames are big NO, as these make a round face even more curvy.
  • Square :-
    A square face is marked by the distinguished features of equally wide forehead, cheekbones and jawlines. Its quite evident that the shape of your frame must be radically oppugnant to that of your face. Square shape resembles a strong face and you must have the modern take on round and oval eye wears with metallic arms to add some softness to it.  Angular frames are strictly not recommended in such a case as it will end up making your face even wider.
  • Diamond :-
    Faces with broader cheekbones narrowing towards forehead and jawline are generally characterized as diamond-shaped faces. If you are having such a face-cut, then you are quite lucky as it is rarest of the face shapes. To feature the not-so-highlighted portion of your face, i.e., the eyes, and soften your cheekbones, oval and cat-eye frames are must-have for you. Narrow frames will draw people’s attention to your narrow eye line, whereas upswept, rectangular and oval frames will soften your cheekbones.
  • Triangle :-
    If your face has narrow forehead but wider cheekbones and chin, that manifests, you have a base-down triangular shaped face. To balance your face as a whole, you shall endeavor brow-line or cat-eye frames ensuring that their width is slightly more than that of your jawline. You will surely going to rock with frames with detailing on the upper half.

So carefully analyze your face shape and pick up the right frame for yourself.

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