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Best Adventure Activities That Australia Has To Offer

Australia is a place of exotic beauty, and there is a bouquet of adventure activities it offers to the tourists. Well, Australia has the most varied interest starting from wildlife and ending in wine growing fields, but a visitor will never fall short of entertainment, especially if he is the adventure freak type.

Let’s check out the various adventure activities that you can enjoy here.

Bungee Jump at Cairns

This is one of the extreme types of sport which can give you an adrenaline rush.  You can attach yourself to rubber and then jump from a high place. The natural setting of tropical Cairns would just add to the excitement to make it more happening. The height of bungee jump ranges from 40 meters and above. You may try to water touch jump to add a zing to your experience. There is a weight restriction of 45 to 180 kilograms for a person and age should be above 15 years. Be a first-time jumper and receive a gift of free, and certificate to celebrate the triumph.

Ocean Rafting at the beach of Airlie

You can see the Whitsunday islands over three days by sailing. You can even opt for the half metal inflatable craft to whizz around the ocean and topple over the waves. Although it’s not a raft, just a boat with an engine attached to it. It is comparable with the offspring of a military landing craft with a banana. The lagoon of Airlie beach is surrounded by a coral island, thereby making it an ideal place for enjoyment and tranquility. But once you snorkel, you reach to the best spots. The ocean rafting packages are generally inclusive of coach transfers from the beach to accommodation areas.

Whitewater Rafting on Mission Beach

Tully is basically a whitewater rafting river. Established in 1986, RNR can give you the best of whitewater rafting experience. You may look for an action-packed, thrilling experience with fun and spills throughout the day. If you are daring enough, you can take the plunge and give a try with raft surfing. You may enjoy rapid swimming and also rock jumping but be sure you have your guide along. Make sure you are provided with rigorously trained guides, informative commentary, safety equipment, additional safety lines inside the rafts, action photos, DVD’s and also refreshments.

Surfing at Byron Bay

If you ever have been to the Eastern coast of Australia, you must go for surfing. There are some great spots between Brisbane and Sydney, but Byron Bay remains the best for the beginners. The concept of surfing and Byron Bay is like butter and jam. Nowhere do you feel the beauty of Byron Bay better than while surfing. If you are a beginner, then you can learn a bit about the surfing etiquette before landing on the water. And, guess what, if you’re lucky enough, you can even see the whales around.

Skydiving at Byron Bay

While skydiving over Byron Bay, you experience the sensation of freefalling over lush rainforest, mountains and also golden beaches. Opt for a reputed skydiving company which boasts a 100% safety record. Also, when you are not jumping, there’s plenty at the Bay to keep your engaged. You will have the opportunity of jumping from 14,000 feet for a time of 60 seconds. It is the highest tandem jump of Australia, and you will love to plummet at 150 kilometers per hour. And, you will surely enjoy the view of lush forests, golden beach and of course, mountains.

Jet Boating at Sydney Harbor

While you are in Cairns, you can do jet boating. Experience the extreme adrenaline jet boating which can take you past the Harbour Islands, Opera house, Watson’s Bay and suburbs of Rose Bay. While on the return, you will be taken past the Taronga Zoo, and also under the harbor bridge passing the Luna Park, Sydney. You will enjoy the most exciting jet boats and be surrounded by the music system and experience the most advanced, modern and safe ride. Besides, you can avail group discount and also party rates separately.  It’s recommended to choose from the packages where you have an opportunity to explore places of your choice.

Scuba Diving on the Great Barrier or Ningaloo Reef

The great barrier stretches enormously towards the East Coast. It is one of the wish bucket list destinations and regarded as a world heritage site. Ambitious people cite diving into the Great Reef Barrier as one of the desired goals of life. You can see a total of 900 islands and numerous individual reefs. The 2300 kilometers long Great Barrier Reef is a place of unrivaled beauty. You can reach the coral reef where you will see millions of coral polyps making them the most abundant organism on the earth. You’ll just love to swim with reel fish, clown fish, butterfly fish and angelfish which pleasantly swim along the backdrop of coral reef.

Self- driving in Fraser Island

You may organize your trip either from Rainbow Beach or Hervey Bay. It’s a standard self-drive of three days and two nights; you’ll be with other backpackers who are equally adventure enthusiasts like you.  You may opt for a camp on campsites for facilities. In case you want to camp on the beach, you’ll stay up late to enjoy yourself. You will cover the three main places of Fraser Island network that includes Rainbow Beach, Noosa, and Hervey Beach. And, if you are keen on driving along the Fraser Island, then you need to cross over between guided and non-guided tours.

Camel Rides at Broome

Broome welcomes you with the greatest sensation, camel rides along the endless pristine beaches of the Indian Ocean. In case you don’t fear camels, a ride will surely give you an adrenaline rush. You have all the opportunity to enjoy the morning, pre-sunset or even a sunset tour along the iconic beach called Cable. The camels are strong, and the experienced owner will manage her to give you the maximum excitement.

Well, there is no end of exciting activities, and you will experience endless adventure and fun once you opt for a trip to Australia.

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